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  1. Wondering if this is possible? I would like to pick up the new 0.25mm AA print core but don't want to lose my ability to print with PVA.
  2. Hey all, Lost my power supply for my UM3 during a move. Thus, don't have a parts number. All I know is that it is a 24v 9.2a. Anyone know of a reliable place to find a replacement in the U.S.? Thanks
  3. Hi all, My wireless network at my apartment requires I register the MAC address of the machine online. Does anyone know how to find this information on the UM3? Thanks.
  4. Hello, I am currently using the Cura default speed and temp for Ultimaker PLA at .15 layer height (70mm/s at 200C) and am getting incredible underextrusion on the infill. The outer layers all look as hoped. Can anyone offer any advice in regard to a better ratio? I am just surprised the default produced such a poor result.[media-thumb=30238] Thanks
  5. Update: I tried slowing the print down, especially on earlier layers, and the problem isn't as severe. However, now all lower portions of the print have a rougher texture that corrects about halfway up. Not sure where to go from here.
  6. Having some issues with rough rounded edges on 3DBenchy using Ultimaker 3. I am using Ultimaker PLA and the default cura settings for the material at 0.1mm. Any thoughts / ideas to try would be greatly appreciated.
  7. Did your issue ever get addressed? I am having a similir issue with my UM3
  8. What are you using as the second material?
  9. Literally just posted about the same thing. I knew it was the active leveling, but it is loud in comparison to how much the axis actually moves (probably a fraction of a fraction of a mm). I wish I could set a threshold for active leveling. i.e. the active leveling only engages when the z-distance between two points is greater than x distance.
  10. Just thought I'd jump in about a week later and sat that the 350g spools of UM PVA are now in stock at Dynamism if anyone is interested.
  11. Hello all, I have recently purchased an Ultimaker 3 and have been playing around with it for some time. All of my prints have been nearly perfect so far, so no concerns on that end. However, the z-axis does make a constant "creaking" noise while layering close to the center of the bed. I am fairly confident that this comes from the auto-bed leveling microadjusting when the nozzle is printing back and forth close to the center. It doesn't affect print quality at all and it isn't louder than the other axes. However, I can't help but wonder if it is putting unneeded strain on the z-axis stepper
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