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  1. All So I thought I would share an update. While I still haven't received my new block from gr5 I did find my "old" original block (the one that came with the machine). It still had the nozzle - all covered in filament - inserted so I decided to give it another try. I did not print the Olsson wrench before I started to experiment so I thought that perhaps the first leak were caused by my inexperience and the fact that I hadn't tightened the nozzle correctly. I heated the block/nozzle with a heat gun and mounted the block along with a new nozzle in my printer. My printer now prints with o
  2. Hi SandervG Thanks for your reply. I've followed yours and krys' advise and ordered an Olsson Block from gr5. That said - I'm still struggling to understand what in this block can make such a huge difference. The block's I have bought - some came with the wrench and tools both look and "feel" OK. I can't tell the difference and when I install the nozzle (before installing it) once the nozzle is in it feels tight and don't move at all. When I remove or change nozzle I do remove material and keep the block hot while I change the nozzle. Once the nozzle is changed I re level the build plate
  3. Again - Thanks for all the response and support. DidierKlein. I did not contact the seller about the issue. For a couple of reasons. I'm new to 3D printing and was assuming that I did something wrong. I did have issues with the nozzle dragging through my prints etc and at some point I changed my 0.4mm nozzle with the 0.8mm that came with the printer and I then changed both nozzle and block a couple of times and - I lost track of which are which. Am I sure it's a leak? Yes. 100%. I can sit and almost watch as it leaks out. At 230C (PLA) it takes 5 minutes - then I can see the material and
  4. All Thanks for all the replies. Here are answers to the questions: DidierKlein : With respect to the leakage - the only place it can leak is through the thread between the nozzle and the Olsson clock. (I'll try to attach a picture) Where did I buy the replacement parts: I bought the Nozzles where I could find them (including eBay). Yes - they are undoubtedly mostly from China but then again - I did have leakage from the original block/nozzle that came with the printer. krys & ultiarjan : Yes I did tighten the nozzle with the Olsson when it was hot. I don't remember the temperature
  5. I've seen several people discussing leaking nozzle on this forum. Unfortunately I haven't found the solution to my problem reading through the replies. I have a Ultimaker 2+ and I use Cura 2.3.1. I've had the printer for ~ 6 month and I've had the problem for a long time but I'm not sure when it really started. When I print something (either using PLA or PETG) material leaks out through the thread between the Olsson block and the nozzle. At this time I believe I've tried almost everything but without luck. I have tried different material (PLA & PETG and different vendors - eSUN, GizmoD
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