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  1. Produktdesigner

    Druckknopf verstopft

    Doch man kann die Messingdüse abschrauben. Man bekommt sie aber nicht mehr richtig drauf. Ich denke das ist eine Sollbruchstelle.
  2. Produktdesigner

    Druckknopf verstopft

    Hallo Nico, ich habe jetzt versucht die Messingdüse abzuschrauben. Dabei ist der Druckkopft unterhalb der Kühlrippen gebrochen. : (
  3. Produktdesigner

    Druckknopf verstopft

    Hallo, nach einem Druckercrash blieb der Druckkopf von meinem UM3 einige Stunden im Material stehen. Jetzt ist er verstopft und es geht auch kein Material durch. Außerdem ist das Pla Filament über dem silbernem Röhrchen abgebrochen. Wie bekomme ich den Druckknopf wieder zum laufen?
  4. Hello, I want to print a large part with my Ultimaker 3 ex. But it is not possible to use the ful size of 215x215 mm. What ist wrong? I only need one filament without dual extrusion. Any idea?
  5. Produktdesigner

    Printing a Pipe with 1 mm wall thickness in best quality

    What is combing?
  6. Produktdesigner

    Printing a Pipe with 1 mm wall thickness in best quality

    But I have only the 0,4 nozzle.
  7. Hello, I want to print a pipe with 1 mm wall thickness and a 65 mm diameter in PLA or ABS. In my fist try I saw that the surface of the pipe has many small interruptions. How could I fix this. The surface has to be smooth. Is it possible to print the part with 1 mm wall thickness in spiral mode? In the normal mode the nozzle is turning around many times.
  8. Produktdesigner

    thickness of calibration card

    Thank you all, that helps
  9. Produktdesigner

    thickness of calibration card

    Hello, I have lost my calibration card for the leveling. How thick is this card?
  10. Produktdesigner

    parts break from the built base

    Hello, I have some bigger parts to built. The infil is about 20 %. After a while the parts are breaking from the built base because the print head scraps over the infil of shape. How could I change the settings that the problem is solved.
  11. Produktdesigner

    Long part print in ABS

    Thank you for this advice. I will try this out. I didn't remebered this menu before.
  12. Produktdesigner

    Long part print in ABS

    Hello, I want to print a 260 mm long part with the size of 7x20 mm on the ground. How could I do this in ABS? I tried to build it landscape, but it blend from the base and I tried to print it vertical. Than after ca. 150 mm it move on the base and you see some defective areas on the part. Any ideas how I could fix this?
  13. Produktdesigner

    Printing with ABS

    Thank you, with the new temperature settings I get better results. The filament is from esun.
  14. Produktdesigner

    Printing with ABS

  15. Produktdesigner

    Printing with ABS

    Today I have tried to print with ABS. But this material doesn't stick on the base. Prittstift also doesn't help. Any idea?

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