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  1. Hallo zusammen ich habe mir neues Filament zugelegt (ASA). Da ich dieses nicht gefunden habe in Cura, habe ich selbst ein neues erstellt. Jetzt erscheint dieses aber nur in der alten Cura-Version auf der es erstellt wurde als Auswahl. Wie bekomme ich es in neuen Versionen reinkopiert? Oder liegt es daran, das ich die alten Versionen noch behalten habe? Und gibt es Vorteile, die alten Versionen löschen zu lassen bei der Installation einer neuen Version? Ansonsten könnte Cura in neuen Versionen vielleicht auch von Hause aus ASA-Typ als Fillament-Art beinhalten!
  2. Thanks for the concrete answers. I guessed something in that way. So when I change to the E3D hotend, I have some questions: The E3D hotend will work fine with PLA also or only with ABS. I mean is the printing quality equal to the original? Is this hotend better to manage than the original? (I mean the extensive disassembling and reassembling in case of cleaning off the original construction). How hard/easy is the changeover to the E3D? Do I need special settings in Cura with that and is that easy to make? Thanks in advance.
  3. Hi Community I own an Ultimaker+(as construction kit) since 6 month. The buildup and start was trouble-free and it works very well with PLA. It has an impressive resolution and speed and the prints are very good. The only thing ,what does not work, is printing with ABS. I tried to print with ABS 2 times and it was not successfull. There was no continious printing possible. No continious flow of filament possible! I tried to raise up the Nozzle Temp. but more than 260°C is not allowed by the Settings. At the 2nd try i had to dismout the Hotend to clean it from ABS-remains, because off
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