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  1. Please.. I request the UM team.. to send a formal notification.. about the issues with 5.2.8 Firmware... so all the re-sellers and users of course can be aware of them.. and wait for the update... with any valid workaround... The worst thing is SILENCE!!... i would expect ultimaker team to show an alert sign in their web page stating this... for example Active Leveling.. is almost not working any more with this Firmware... Thanks a lot!!... Really is a strong suggestion.. because i know that the UM team is really very professional... but in this case.. for sure they are not being sincere with all the community.... Best Regards!
  2. Hi, It's incredible... but i'd just solve this problem Please be aware.... it seems that when i was cleaning my printer i accidentally moved the case of the main button slightly to one side... and this leaves the main button without working... but only it dissables the press action and not the dial action... This of course leaves the printer innaccesible... So, please be aware of this... I solved it... taking out the main button, loosing the case... re-aligned the case...and tighten it with the screwdriver and thats it... Of course that you will fell that the mechanical Click is very different... when it works... and when it doesnt.. the issue is that you still have a slight click when it doesnt work.... so that confuses you.... but if this happens re-align again until you see that the mechanical click is really good.. and there you go!!! Thanks a lot...
  3. I took it temporarly.. only to see if there was any dust... but it seems that it's everything ok. Yes it mechanically clicks.. so that is the strange thing...
  4. My UM3 is not responding to the button press. After finishing printing successfully, i received the message " Print Failed. Carefully remove the print from the build plate", and the printer is waiting for me to press the button.. but this is not working... it would be really strange that something happend to the button itself.. its more like a Firmware problem.. but now.. i take my printer off and on.. and it shows me the same message... and cannot do anything.. Can you give me support to do a remote factory reset in an UM3 or try anything else. I still have WIFI remote connectivity to my printer Thanks a lot in advance for any help! The following is the printer status and print-job-status, since the state is still “printing” and also the print_job state is in: “Waiting cleanup”
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