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  1. Thanks for the fast replies! I do like the Ultimaker 2+, but I also like the Zortrax M200, perhaps even a bit more. If I were to purchase a 3D-Printer for personal use at home I wouldn`t mind having to find the right settings to get everything working the way it should. But since we are using it at work and we will have more than one person printing with it. I think that we need a printer that just works out of the box. I don't want to say anything bad about the Ultimaker since it would be my personal number 1 choice, also this is an Ultimaker forum and I'm not sure if I am allowed to talk about other printers, but I need to keep in mind that this will not be for personal use, but for work. Has anyone had any experience with the Zortrax M200? Thanks!
  2. Hello everyone! I work for a company that manufactures luminaires for the industry. Our development department would like to buy a 3D-Printer for rapid prototyping of new luminaire parts. I have checked out multiple reviews for the Ultimaker 2+ but we are still not sure about it. These are our requirements: Precise printing Repeatable printing results Build room at least 20cm x 20cm x 20cm Printing speed isn`t that important, if a print takes a day or more that`s fine, but the print should be realiable and not abort mid way through the print! This printer will not run 24/7, but when we need it, it needs to perform well, without having to spend hours and hours in tweaking it. Would the Ultimaker 2+ be a wise choice for our needs or should we think about buying a different printer? Thanks! Mike
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