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  1. The documentation on the Ultimaker 3 (http://UM3/docs/api) contains good examples of how to do PUT and POST requests and I also found a good Python example by Daid) that handles the Digest authentication the Ultimaker 3 uses. However, I can't find how to do the 'Digest' authentication from cURL. This is not in the examples in the documentation. I tried adding "--digest --user id:key" to the command but it gives a "message": "400: Bad Request". $ curl --digest --user 1269546bd8958aa0524c06bc9b18cd6c:9694590217578cf334fbe5d594bc243456d46257f7f10233cb4cf2e3548b5102 -X PUT --header 'Conten
  2. I'd like to tell you about the new Doodle3D WiFi-Box plugin we made for Cura. It's now available in the Cura 2.7's new Plugin Browser. The plugin uploads the GCODE produced by Cura to a secured server from where your Doodle3D WiFi-Box (if you have one) will fetch the file and prints it on your Ultimaker or other open-source printer. It works for all Ultimaker models except the UM3 but that one is already wireless :-)
  3. Thanks for these great blog posts! It really helps understanding the system. When I run mount /dev/mmcblk0p3 /var/lib/apt/ before running apt-get update I still run out of disk space. Am I missing something? ......Hit http://security.debian.org stable/updates/main Translation-enReading package lists... Error!E: Write error - write (28: No space left on device)E: IO Error saving source cacheE: The package lists or status file could not be parsed or opened.
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