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  1. Tanks for the replies. The residue is not the problem. The heads are cleaned prior to every print. I guess in the new firmware the limits for compensation were tightened in order to gain some speed. The old strategy was more robust.
  2. Dear Robin, if i tighten the screws nearly completely, the procedure works again. Thanks. However, i would wish that the programming of active levelling is more robust. It seems that you do not check at the start of the procedure if the plate is nearly in contact with the plate. Or why not use the z-height of manual levelling as starting point. If i use -for example- the "BuildTak FlexPlate" on this UM3 the start distance is again too tight and active levelling fails again. Thanks for help.
  3. Dear all, we are running several UM3 and UM2+ at out laboratory. Today i decided to update the firmware on one of the UM3 printers. After the firmware update, the active levelling fails always with the message: 'difference between detected height of both printcores exceeds realistic value' -> I tried to level the print bed several times manually: No change. After manual levelling he tries always another active levelling procedure which naturally fails. -> I tried to lower the height of the print bed by turning the screws: No change -> I tried both the
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