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  1. Didn't mind, I found it on another post, its a SMT RTD component located just at the side of the block, will try to verify if the tracks are well. Asked myself if I could replace it with a oem component (pt100) glued to bed ...
  2. Hi, maybe old post, but I'm experimenting the same symptoms as @Nerdwarrior, cables were rechecked but my sensor sense ok till 60/70 degrees, then it start to fluctuate and reached the maxtemp error. Will check the block tomorrow, maybe I got the same issue. But my question is that I searched the web but cannot figure where is the bed pt100 sensor located, cables are ok, but its on the block or integrated to bed? (didn't think it in the block ...) Regards.
  3. Any thoughts on where I can get one PT100 for my UMO+? Mine is broken and local dealer (south america) doesn't have currently. Thanks.
  4. Hi, same description as the first message, but in my case, the delrin clip is correctly placed, and the knurled bolt remains on place, but the problem is that with retractions the cap loosen itself and drops, so the wheels moves out and stops to feed material. I think I should have a way to secure and tight the cap against the feeding wheel better than the current, but the question is if somebody puts in something (read maybe teflon tape) between the knurled bolt and the cap
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