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  1. I am running Cura 2.7 on an iMac 4ghz i7 with 16 Gb's of memory. 330Gb available on my ssd, and running Mac OS 10.12.6. The computer runs fine with Cura running in the background. There is Chrome running, so I can type this, and Cura. When I interact directly with Cura, it's excruciatingly slow. What are the plans to address this?
  2. Hi Marco, Just to answer your question, The bed didn't go all the way up to the print nozzle when I started a print after upgrading the firmware. I stopped about 3/4ths of the way up, and the extruded filament was just one long string above the print bed. I aborted the print, and tried raising and lowering the print bed using the menu, and got the same result. After googling, I found a post that suggested the possibility of the firmware being for a non-extended printer. https://ultimaker.com/en/community/18078-print-bed-doesnt-go-all-the-way-up I installed the older version that was testing firmware, and the print bed operated normally going all the way up to the print nozzle this time. That seemed to confirm my theory, but as you said the firmware is the same. Does it detect what kind of printer it is installed on for the parameters? Possibly why you asked for the printer type query I ran? Could that have gone wrong possibly? Anyway, there's more detail for you in case it helps. Sincerely, smartone
  3. Hi Marco, I just tried Korneel's advice and reinstalled the firmware. Korneel suggested I do a factory reset, but I tried raising and lowering the build plate before doing a factory reset, and it is already working properly. Thanks for your help!! Sincerely, smartone
  4. Hi Korneel, Thank you very much for the tip. I reinstalled I tried raising and lowering the build plate before doing a factory reset, and it is already working properly. Sincerely, smartone
  5. Hi Marco, Here is the result of the URL you posted: {"revision": 0, "typeid": 9511}
  6. I just updated my firmware to the latest stable version (version, and my print bed no longer went all the way up in my Ultimaker 3 Extended. I replaced it with the testing firmware(version, and it behaved normally after that. Ultimaker, Please fix this. You put the wrong firmware in the auto installer for the UM3 Extended.
  7. I have been having the same issue. I have not printed with Simplify3D yet, so it's good to hear that the issue isn't seen there. I was told to turn on ZHop, but so far it hasn't made a difference. There is new firmware available for the UM3, so I am hoping that helps in some way. It is version 20170322. Give ZHop a try and let me know if you had any luck with it. (Though that seems more like a work-around than a fix.)
  8. Hi Daid, Thanks for the comprehensive response! I appreciate it. I look forward to the next update! Best, Stephan
  9. Hi Daid, Has there been any progress on the changelog request? I am anxious to get some changes to the firmware on my UM3 Extended. The last stable release is from December of last year, but you have sufficiently scared me off of getting the testing firmware versions with breaking the update mechanism as recently as 3.5.92. The testing release is at 3.5.94 20170228 now. Can your team adopt an agile approach to firmware releases where you don't wait months for a bunch of fixes and features, but some fixes and features could come out a few at a time more regularly. This would alleviate suffering by customers who lack important fixes/features that inhibit their ability to make the best use of the product. Failed print jobs are costly in lost time! Some firmware changes I'd like to see are... When pausing a print, send the print head to its home position. I have accidentally gotten in the way of the print head while fixing an issue with the print itself. Once the print head is thrown off, you are doomed. If it simply homed itself when you press pause, then that wouldn't be an issue at all. You could also put homing the print head in the tune menu as well, but homing the print head as part of the pause process makes the most sense since people may not know that it's in the tune or even what it means if they do see it. My UM3 Extended also drags nozzle #2 through what it has already printed all the time causing damage to the print. I have enabled Z-Hop and calibrated everything. It still does that. I suspect there is an issue with nozzle leveling. Restarting a print job from the layer it left off on would be another great addition. The print failure from above where I throw the print head off could be recovered this way as well. Even if there is a power outage. It just makes sense. Changing the intensity of the LED's is sorely needed. My camera's have a hard time with that much light, so the image is over exposed unless I take matters in my own hands and cover the lights with painters tape. Some of the processes in the menu tree are so linear you can't go back or cancel ever. This is frustrating. (e.g. choose the wrong material to interact with, choose a nozzle instead of a material.) I feel like I could list many of the processes in the menu and most would assume that you want to move forward and never change the parameters or cancel the process. I got an error once with the NFC "Too many materials detected!" It kept detecting over again, popping up the error. I click Ok. It immediately goes back to the detecting, error. Over and Over and Over. I had to race and select the material manually within the milliseconds I had before it would throw the error again. It took several tries to click/scroll, click/scroll to beat it before the error shut me out. Super frustrating!! I hope I don't get that again! By the way, why does it heat the bed and then the nozzles? Seems like a waste of time. Thanks for your time and attention! Sincerely, Stephan
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