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  1. Good news. Now that this file name problem has, or soon will be solved, will you have time to address the STL resolution fix?
  2. I would certainly think so. But AbeFM should chime in here. Perhaps just call this fifth pull down menu choice Custom?
  3. Way back when this topic first started I suggested that one of the import settings, in addition to the four already defined, would be a fith choice, the SolidWorks Custom Setting. That way when a SW user set a custom setting in SWX, such as AbeFM has defined, the Cura user would have that as a choice, and Cura would then use those STL settings for the import. Would that be possible Thopiekar. BTW, thanks for your tireless efforts on this valuable plugin. I use it regularly, but my requirements are not as stringent as AbeFM.
  4. As far as I can tell it came up between 3.3.1 where it works and 3.4 where, at least in my system, it does not work. Well the plugin works, but the file name is broken.
  5. I have both 3.3.1 and 3.4 installed on my work station. Using SWX 2018. Part comes into Cura 3.3.1 with the correct SWX file name, but with 3.4 the file name field is "unnamed" not "unknown". In any case it does appear to be broken in 3.4. Haven't tried it with 3.4.1
  6. My guess is the closest stocking dealer would be MatterHackers https://www.matterhackers.com/ in Lake Forrest (Orange county) California. Really nice folks, but if you didn't purchase the machine from them, don't know how accommodating they might be.
  7. If it works the same way as the SolidWorks plugin, it requires the installation of SolidWorks to process,in the background, the native SW file to make the conversion to an STL file for Cura to process. I suspect this is also the case with the other plugins. Inventor, Siemens, FreeCad, Blender, etc. So if you were to try to open a native Inventor file in Cura and you do not have Inventor installed on your system, it will not open it even if the plugin is active in Cura. You can email the author at thopiekar@gmail.com from inside the Toolbox > Plugin application and confirm this.
  8. Is there any way to speed and / or slow down the animation in Cura? All I can see is Start / Stop, and layer. I'd like to be able to speed up the animation.
  9. Fascinating article on the progress being made in concrete additive manufacturing construction. https://www.archdaily.com/895597/worlds-first-3d-printed-concrete-housing-project-to-be-built-in-eindhoven A little ambitious in size even for the new Ultimaker 5 ??
  10. Sorry, coming late to the party. What material are you printing with? Are you printing with a brim for adhesion? What is your support material?
  11. Is the part lifting off of the build plate? Is you build plate glass really flat? One of my UM3 glass build plates has a .007" (0.18mm) bow in the width (X axis) direction while it's perfectly flat in the front to back (Y axis). I turned it over so that the high point is in the center, rather than at the edges. If your nozzle is dragging on the part at the sides / edges, but not in the center, you might try turning the glass plate over? Just a thought . . .
  12. I have two UM3 Ext machines each equipped with 3DSolex nozzles. I have used all three of the nozzles that I purchased ( 0.25, 0.6 and 0.8 ) with success. I did not purchase the 0.4 as the original print core was that size. The sizes you are looking for are now available. I'm in the U.S. and purchased mine through the GR5Store http://www.thegr5store.com/ Changing the line width was all that was necessary for Cura to make the necessary adjustments for processing PLA. I can't speak to the requirements for processing other materials.
  13. Generally I'm more concerned with quality not speed or time in my projects. In your case perhaps just the reduction in the Print Acceleration, Travel Acceleration, and Jerk settings will suffice. Please post the results of your success / failures with the changes. I suppose the position of the two cores can be switched so long as Cura knows which core is each location and the settings for each are correct. I'd defer to Erin fbrc8-erin for the final verdict on that question. https://community.ultimaker.com/profile/327452-fbrc8-erin/
  14. I personally find the default speed settings in Cura for the UM3 are all too violent for my liking. I slow all of the settings down for both extruders. It may take marginally longer to complete a job, but the machine isn't jerking and clunking about so violently. Any particular reason why you are using the BB core in the 1 position and the AA core in the 2 position?
  15. In the Shell section of the settings you can set the wall thickness and line count of Extruder 2 to any count and thickness that you may need. Also you might consider purchasing a 0.6 BB core for you support for thicker walls. If this part is just a threaded nut, perhaps you should consider printing it laying flat?
  16. Access the Plugins menu > Browse Plugins > click on the Manage Tab, scroll down to the Scale Tool and make sure it is Enabled. You may need to restart Cura for it to take effect.
  17. I have a pretty powerful machine ( i7, 3.4ghz, 16 GB Ram 1TB SSD ) and have not experienced any significant lag in terms of Cura performance. So I may not see any negative results until I actually print the part. In which case I may see artifacts in the outer shell?
  18. Thanks for the feedback. I have been playing with the Max Resolution setting, and sometimes it depends on the shape of the part. Sometimes .01 (apparently the default in 3.2.1) works best, but other times, in 3.3.1, I have gone as far as .005 to get the desired results. Whar's the down side to setting it to .005?
  19. smartavionics I tried the Experimental setting Max Resolution as suggested above. While not a perfect solution, when set to .005 the z-scar wobble is significantly improved. Thanks for the tip and your excellent help and advice.
  20. WOW !! You're the man. I don't know how it is that you have such an intimate understanding of what's "under the hood" in Cura, but as a user that depends on it "just working" I can't tank you enough. ?? Hopefully your PR will see an early implementation. I'm really looking forward to using the Support Blocker, but this z-seam problem has prevented me from moving on to 3.3.1. BTW, the 3.3.0 beta does indeed have the same problem. I checked it on my laptop. Still using 3.2.1 for now. Thanks again . . .
  21. I don't have an account at Github to post to. Perhaps someone on the forum with the Ultimaker team will see the conversation we have exchanged and jump in here. This is definitely a bug in this new release. I think I still have 3.3 beta on my laptop. I'm going to see if the same problem is in the beta. I'll just continue to use 3.2.1 for now. Thanks for you help just the same . . .
  22. Thanks for the through analysis. I'm using settings out of SolidWorks that are significantly finer than the default SW "Fine" settings, and have also gotten the same result when using the 3D Printing settings from the SW Plugin. Attached is this same file sliced in 3.2.1. As you can see the z seam is just about perfect. UM3E_300mL_Tapered_Cyl_Foamer.curaproject-2.3mf Also, I assume you meant z-seam relative not x-seam relative? Oddly enough that setting says it's hidden, but when you check the box it shows up anyway. That said the setting did not seem make any difference anyway. BTW, in 3.3.1, I find that if I move the Z seam to a position of X - 116.5 and Y - 645, and uncheck the Z-relative the Z seam while not perfect, cleans up significantly. Please let me know what you think about the attached file from 3.2.1. Since 3.2.1 is working perfectly, I guess I'll just forgo the Support Blocker for now. Again, thanks for looking into this . . .
  23. Here's a Project file of a much simpler shape. Just a tapered Cylinder. Same wobble in the Z seam. Thanks for your help . . . UM3E_300mL_Tapered_Cyl_Foamer.curaproject.3mf
  24. I've tried all of the selections, None, Hide, Expose, Hide - Expose. Same result. I've even gone so far as to make sure the Start Layer X & Start Layer Y settings in the Travel - Combing match the Z location X & Y settings. This problem only just started with 3.3.1. 3.2.1 does not do it. Not unique to this model. Just a plain hollow Cylinder will do the same thing. A tapered hollow Cylinder is slightly worse. I wanted to transition over to 3.3.1 to take advantage of the Support Blocker, but this is kinda' a show stopper . . .☹️
  25. Attached STL file. Printed with .8 nozzle, 2 walls, 0.2 layer, no infill, combing set to ALL, user defined Z at 250 X by 250 Y, model rotated 45° to put the Z scar along the long axis. 16oz_Laundry_Oval.STL Have at it . . .
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