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  1. OK I will try a larger circle degree. I also agree since this just an eng model then I don't need this low circle degree of modeling, just the actual part.does. I will do a print of the model with a larger circle degree, I will let you know how this test print comes out.
  2. Yes, my machine (CR-10) shows Z but jumps around while printing, so if the LCD screen displays the layer would be nice Where can I find the script.you mentioned?
  3. Sorry for the delay in my responding back. I was called away from my desk. There news of the STL size. A co-worker exported the model to an STL file by accident. The resulting file was below 450M!!! Cura now loads it fairly quickly, and it now slices the file with no trouble. According to Cura the model is 280 X 280 X 183.5 mm and will take 7 days to print!! The only I can think of is my CAD program (AlibreI for some reason it did not export properly. Just strange. rowiac: I will check into MeshLab. gr5: I have not yet read
  4. It seems you all know a lot about the G-code. I am wonder is it possible to display on the LCD screen of my CR-10 controller what layer is being printed? I am using Cura 4.0
  5. Howdy 😊 I am using Cura 4.0 and have a really complex model that produces a very large STL file, almost 1.4G. Here a link to the file (https://www.dropbox.com/s/pn4m8okhhl6sprq/NozzleMainRing.7z?dl=0). It takes a few minutes for Cura load it up. Sometimes it locks my machine up to the point I have to cycle the power switch. When I get it to load the model it does not slice the model!!! Using task manager I see while loading memory usage goes up about 8G of memory. Then after a few mins (about 10Mins) the memory down to less then 500M. There it sits with task manager reporting CPU
  6. Hello How does one use the support blocker? I did a forum search for " Support Block", but did not find anything. 😕
  7. I did not know about turning off the bed heater after the first layer. For me, that seems to an unwise option because the print head could knock the print off the print table. So for me, I will always keep the bed heater on.
  8. I agree fully with the constant bed temp during the entire print job. I use a 3D printer adhesive for glass plates on eBay https://www.ebay.com/itm/240ml-8oz-3D-Printer-Adhesives-for-Glass-Plates-3D-Printer-Glue/273478850435?hash=item3fac9c1783:g:QgUAAOSwCJxaMfeQ:rk:1:pf:0 which has worked extremely well for me It requires a const bed temp.. Once the bed cools down the print simple lifts off extremely easy.
  9. My heated bed remains on during a print, it has been like from the beginning. So are you saying the bed heater should turn off when the first layer is done printing?
  10. I wonder if anyone else is having issues with 3.5
  11. uninstalled 3.5 and reinstalled 3.4, now everything is working perfectly.
  12. I already tried that without success. I am going to uninstall 3.5 and reinstall 3.4. Thank you for the help.?
  13. OK Thanks I guess I just going to have to live with. ???
  14. could someone please answer my question.
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