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  1. recently updated my Ultimaker 3 with the latest firmware and the newest cura 2.4. My machine keeps losing connection to cura or the application on the iPhone. I have reset my wifi and my machine to factory settings and the same issue is occurring? It continues to "lose connection to the printer" also when I click connect on the wireless network usually the machine asks for permission but now it does nothing. Could this be a firmware issue. How can I resolve this?

  2. Hi @Erichmc, thank you for your post and welcome to the community!

    Do you have some photo's of what the problem is that you are having?

    Usually that helps to identify the problem faster than based on a description.

    Looking forward hearing from  you!


    Hey thanks for the response. Unfortunately I did not take any photos of the issue and I haven't printed with the PVA material since. To be a little more descriptive.... as the print head moves it seems that the material itself is curing faster than it is able to adhere to the build plate, resulting in the PVA not adhering and instead 'charring'/burning and clumping up on the nozzle.

  3. Hey guys,

    I am printing a pretty simple structure with an overhanging feature. I am using white PLA. I seem to be struggling with the PVA as a support material. It tends to clump up on the nozzle and then burn.

    My bed temp is 65-70C and my nozzle temp is 210C. Should I slow down the print? Use a build tower?

    Any tips on successful PVA printing would be appreciated.


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