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  1. Hi there, thanks for answering. The offset is for the X-Axis: 10 mm to the right, Y-Axis: 2.5 mm to the back (about). Yes, the checkbox "Origin at center" is un-checked (empty). BUT: I just got an idea, what could have caused the offset. Some time ago I checked the accuracy of measures of my prints and found them slightly to small. So I increased the "Steps per Unit" for all axis. Original values were: M92 X78.74 Y78.74 Z200.00 E836.00 New values are: M92 X79.38 Y79.86 Z200.00 E854.00 I guess by changing the "Steps per Unit" I have messed with
  2. Hi guys, when I load #.stl files into Cura they appear right at the center of Curas print bed, but when I start real printing, there is an offset from center of my Ultimaker Original. For big prints there is a risk of going outside the printable area. How to correct that, i.e. synchronize center of print-bed for both, Cura and UMO? Regards Uwe
  3. Hi Guys, after some days of hard and perfect work recently, my printer unfortunately failed today. I was printing a 3h job in PLA when after about 75% suddenly the display of my UMO+ controller started to show random symbols and even some nonsense clutter. Short after I noticed that, it stopped printing completely and the head moved to home-position (X,Y). I use Cura 3.5.1 and have just after that fault updated the UMO-firmware to the actual version (March, 2018). At present I run the same print again while crossing my fingers. Any ideas as to what can cause a fault like th
  4. Hi, It's me again, I found the mistake myself. The little wooden plunger, that is supposed to hit the lever of the micro-switch was for some reason misaligned. Plunger and lever did meet for just a fraction of a milimeter at best, sometimes they didn't meet at all. I don't know what happened but it seems the plywood cover at the back of the heatbed, of which the plunger is a part, moved away from the backwall of the Ultimaker. I couldn't find e cure for that, so instead I put a 3mm distance-plate between backwall and switch. That made the switch move 3mm towards the centerline of the plun
  5. Hi guys, as of today my Ultimaker original+ shows Z-Axis problems. It's no new machine, in fact I have printed many parts without problems. Since this morning, when the head moves to "Home" at start of printing, it seems to not correctly detect "Home" for the Z-Axis. It hits the top position fairly hard and most unnerving, it moves downwards right after and making a real terrible noise like some broken gearbox. That noise is really bad! It won't stop until I hit the main switch to shut it off! Same happens, when I choose "Auto Home" from the controller manue. What c
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