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  1. I think I will loosen the screw, move the axle with the other pulley to its stop, then move the loose pulley to its stop (distance tube) and the tighten the screw - done!
  2. Hi, my ULTIMAKER 2+ has the problem that one of the axles (only on one side) moves back and forth by about 2mm when the slide that moves on that axle is moving fast (s. picture). I suppose (close to being sure) that one of the pulleys has moved, although there is no visible slip during printing and the prints are good!? Thanks for the answers in advance!
  3. Maybe I now found the reason for the different print results since I'm using Cura2.3! I was using the new Cura version without updating to the new firmware version. Now after installation of the new firmware the head movement seems to be different now (especially the head movement at the beginning, when the printer moves from the top corner to the print position, is much faster now). Now the prints seem to look more accurate than before!
  4. No, I think the problem with my printer is different, but I now printed a different text with a font that has slightly less fine structures and that was printed well. Also the infill was more dense than with the previous text, so maybe the problems might have more to do with the printed structures/Cura than the printer!? I now will try the text with a higher nozzle and buildplate temp and play a little with other settings too! Anyway I ordered a new nozzle, too! Thanks for the help!
  5. The thing is that before it worked as good as any other colour I have used so far (s. e. g.: and this was fast print with support) What do you mean with "squish"? Regarding PVA I tried to use the glue that came with the printer, but that didn't help a bit! So I will order a new nozzle and try again! THANKS!
  6. After printing several fine structured, low height (0,6 - 1mm) texts with no problems, I'm now (after 97 printing hours with 53m printed) running into problems. I attached a (multi-picture-)picture where you can see printed text. Pics 1 and 2 show the current prints which mostly are ripped of by the print-head either because the Material doesn't stick properly on the bead and is ripped of already when printing the first layer, or because of parts that bend up after the printer has printed a few layers. Pic 3 shows a text that I printed before (along with many others) without any issues. It ha
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