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  1. Hello, I was searching around the net for an answer, but I did not find, so, excuse me if my question is regular one and already discussed. I am trying to print conus like object and trying do set the proper feed rate for my pritner. However, I found that at the lower and wider part of the conus my printer is printing faster and underextruding is observed as a result. On the other side, upper and narrower part of the conus is printed slower, and the print quality is pretty different and better. Why my feed rate is not the same and print speed is not the same for different object diameters? Shouldn't it be the same for all the object parts? I am not talking about different elemens speeds in the slicer setting, for example inner and outer perimeter. I am talking about different overall speed regardless of the object component speeds. Wider diameter, higher speed. Small diameter, lower speed. Thank you in advance.
  2. Yeah, I had in mind exactly the same - "Z Height Zipper". I see this option is available in the latest CURA version, because I use 14.12 and there it is not available. Thank you for your advice.
  3. Hello, I am a newbie in 3d printing and I try establish wich slicer is best working for me. I did test with the same parameters on Slic3r and Cura slicer, however I still do not understand why I receive different result. When I slice and print via Cura I receive strange artefact as a result pritty seeming like a sew from bottom to top of the print (attached below.) I tried the same hollow christmas tree print slicing on Slic3r, and there I receive the same artefacts, however they were spread over the perimeter on different places. I guess it is related to slicer setting but I do not know what exactly. Thank you in advance
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