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  1. I don't have the material station or air handler, but it I get it frequently too. I hope it gets fixed with the next firmware. Ben
  2. Ahh yes, thanks again for the reminder. I guess I will just have to see if it happens again. At this point that switch position data is lost to time (from the 6-7 times it paused during my last print before I got frustrated turned flow sensor off... each time resuming with no discernible issue or under extrusion). I was hoping it was logged similarly to how print history seems to be. It really would be nice to display it on the screen or have the app notify what's having the issue though. Having to note switch position seems like an area that needs a bit of UI/UX polish.
  3. Is there a way to know which extruder/core it thinks is having the problem? Some hidden logging or something because it doesn't say on the screen and I honestly can't figure out why that is.
  4. Oh that's an interesting work-around. Thanks. Still think it should say on this screen... and the app should alert you.
  5. Oh yeah I did that, that was easy to find right on the screen, but then the PVA snapped when the print was about 80% done so the last 20% had no supports. I'd prefer to have the run out sensor to detect run outs... but not trigger six or seven times when nothing is wrong. I still don't know if it was the PLA or PVA extruder it thought was having issues either.
  6. I wondered if it was the firmware upgrade because it hadn't occurred before but did after the update. But I didn't have enough prints to say with certainty either way. Still it's so strange it neither says which one it thinks is out and that the app doesn't notify you when there is an issue. I hope they address those oversights ASAP. Ben
  7. I have this also on my fifth or so print on the unit and can't tell which extruder it thinks is having the issue. I resume and it resumes without incident having wasted untold time because it keeps happening. As such I have two observations... One, why doesn't the warning message or app indicate which extruder it thinks is out? That seems like a no-brainer. I suppose the designers could have assumed that'd be self-evident but clearly in the case of false positives... it'd be really nice to know which extruder to investigate. If it does indicate that somewhere, I missed it. Two, why does the mobile app not use its notification power to tell you there's an issue? It says when the print starts and when it'd done, but one would think it's self-evident that if there's an pause/issue it'd draw your attention to that. Hopefully those two oversights will be addressed in the next firmware. To get the print to keep going I turned off the flow sensor and of course the PVA snapped at the extruder when the print was about 80% done. A flow sensor would have been very useful had I not had to disable it for constant false positives. Ben
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