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  1. Thanks a lot man, horizontal expansion was a game changer. Didn't know about this. This is what it looks like now:
  2. Hi everyone. I´m having some issues with a print that I´m supposed to do. It´s part of a model of a building (that´s actually being built right now) that was originally made for "walking" through the building in VR (so it´s a highly realistic model). It all comes down to stubborn stringing issues I guess, but I wanted to get some second opinions. Here´s a picture of the model, so you get an idea: And here´s how the print turned out most of the time: (sorry if this is not the best picture) Alright, so I gave this several shots, these are the settings I used: printer: Ultimaker 2+ (Ultimaker 2 with extrusion upgrade) Nozzle: 0.25mm (!) Layer height: 0.06mm Print speed: 30mm/s Travel speed: 120mm/s Retraction: yes (standard settings at first, then up to 40 or 45mm/s IIRC, not sure about the distance anymore, but turned it up as well.) Material: white PLA (material4print) Temperature: 195°C (also tried 200°C at one point, was too much I think) So a big problem that we´re facing is that some structures of the model (especially some wall parts) are too delicate to be printed correctly (or at all) resulting in a fairly crappy print. "Replacing" these missing structures with support structures only made the stringing worse. These would be my next steps / ideas: reducing the temperature further, maybe also reducing printing speed increasing travel speed other filament color (as I have read that white PLA is the worst when it comes to stringing?) Most importantly I guess we will try tweaking the model (increasing all the thin/small structures). Am I going in the right direction here? Do you have any more / better ideas? Is the "small" 0.25mm-nozzle of the UM2+ especially prone to have these issues? Thanks in advance!
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