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  1. smartavionics

    Gaps between top layers and walls

    I did the calculations and those extrusion rates correspond to a line width of 0.5mm in S3D and 0.4mm in Cura. Maybe you should try using similar speeds and line widths? Personally, with a 0.4mm nozzle, I always use a line width of 0.5mm or greater unless I really need a thinner line.
  2. smartavionics

    Gaps between top layers and walls

    OK, thanks for the gcodes. A quick compare shows that the S3D file is printing those skins using quite different parameters. The speed is 60mm/S compared to 30mm/S for the Cura slice but, more interestingly, the extrusion rate is approx 30% greater for the S3D gcode. The skin lines look to have a similar spacing (certainly not 30% different) so I am wondering what accounts for the big difference in extrusion rate. Could you please attach the Cura project that created that gcode. Thanks. S3D Cura
  3. smartavionics

    Gaps between top layers and walls

    No problem, get the important stuff done first and I'll look at the gcodes whenever. Cheers!
  4. smartavionics

    Gaps between top layers and walls

    Hey @3rdpig, I asked 2 months ago for you to make the gcodes produced by Cura and S3D available so I could compare them and maybe come up with a reason why you are not getting the quality you desire from the Cura print. Unless you provide that or other similarly useful data then it's very unlikely that the issue, if there is an issue, will be fixed. Thanks.
  5. smartavionics

    Bug in Bridge settings in 3.5.1

    Thanks for that second project file, I could load that and verify the bug. I don't know how it got to be broken! Anyway, I will create a fix which should be in the next release. Sorry for the inconvenience.
  6. smartavionics

    Bug in Bridge settings in 3.5.1

    Thanks for the file but, unfortunately, it causes my Cura to crash. I think it's something to do with the profile. Could you please create another one based on a non-custom profile?
  7. smartavionics

    Bug in Bridge settings in 3.5.1

    Hi @Link, please attach the project file and I will investigate. Thanks.
  8. smartavionics

    How to config Infill support hold ?

    Actually, I forgot, you can set the skin expand distance to 10 or more and it will span the gap. I do not think so as the model can so easily be fixed (by extending the cylinders to the bottom).
  9. smartavionics

    How to config Infill support hold ?

    Thanks for the project file. Yes, Cura will not add support under the bottom of those cylindrical shapes so it is not really printable at the moment. You have 2 obvious options. Either increase the infill density (maybe use another pattern) so that the cylinders do touch the infill. Or, better still, continue the cylinders down to the bottom of the part (that's what I would do).
  10. smartavionics

    How to config Infill support hold ?

    Hi @Witawat, please save the project and then attach the .3mf file to this thread so we can look at the settings, model, etc.
  11. smartavionics

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    See https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/4466
  12. smartavionics

    Cura 3.5 supports 'inside' when unnecessary

    Yes, this does look like a regression. Please open an issue at https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura
  13. smartavionics

    These are testing times...

    OK, so there's quite a discussion going on in the Cura 3.5 thread about quality control and testing of Cura (and related firmware, etc.) and I thought I would start this new thread to make a particular point and give people a place to discuss it and related matters. Here goes... For various reasons, the products UM make evolve. The hardware is fairly static (years) but the software is a much more dynamic thing (months). The software is continually getting enhanced with new features and capabilities, old bugs getting squashed, etc. Almost always, each release brings not only goodies but new bugs and incompatibilities with existing platforms and OSes. Obviously, each new release needs a lot of testing on all 3 supported platforms (with their various versions of OS and drivers, etc.) before it can be considered trustworthy. We know that UM do a lot of testing. They could probably do more but even if they did a lot more, it wouldn't catch every bug and issue. The problem space is too big with too many variables. So this is where the community of Cura users can step up and make a real difference. Hands up those of you who use Cura with a non-UM printer and never bother to try the beta that is made available before each release. [Quite a lot of people looking a bit sheepish out there.] Why not try it? Why not give something back to UM? I'm not talking about money. All it takes is a bit of disk space and some time to install the beta and try out slicing and (ideally) printing a few of your projects. If all looks good, fine, you've done your bit. If there's a problem, create an issue on github (or post on the forum) and that's even more valuable. Yes, the software (Cura) is free for everybody to use but if you're using it on a non-UM printer then you really should be helping with the beta testing because, at the end of the day, that helps everyone, yourself included. If you don't bother to try the beta and the new release doesn't work well for you, who's problem is that? Yours! Of course, it would be nice if those people who have purchased a UM printer could try the betas also if they possibly can but I don't feel that they are in anyway as obliged as the non-UM printer owners to do so. So to sum up, the Cura user community can make a huge difference to the quality of each Cura release. Why be a freeloader when you can be a valuable member of the community?
  14. smartavionics

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    That sound good but then it relies on one or more point releases being made. I guess if no showstoppers appear within a month or so of a new release then it could be fairly safe to upgrade anyway.
  15. smartavionics

    New: Ultimaker Cura 3.5

    Please consider including https://github.com/Ultimaker/CuraEngine/pull/865 in 3.5.1 it would be shame not to fix that at the same time.

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