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  1. Thanks @tinkergnome, that's good feedback!
  2. The Linux AppImages are self contained and don't actually install the files release files anywhere. Configuration files are created when Cura is run and those should be compatible between releases although because my releases are based on the master branch it is always possible that the Ultimaker devs will have made some change to the configuration part of Cura that causes any existing configuration files to be incompatible or broken. It's always a good idea to keep a copy of you configuration just in case you have a problem. I keep all of my Cura configuration files in a .git repo and every now and again I commit a snapshot so that I can always get back to a previous working configuration if the new Cura has broken it. I don't use Windows so I don't know if my WIndows releases can be installed on top of a previous release. Perhaps a WIndows user could comment on this? There isn't anywhere in the UI that shows the version number but the last couple of releases include a comment in the gcode that shows the release date.
  3. Hello @Fabiuz, my releases are based on Ultimaker's master (development) branches with my own additions and tweaks. Some of the stuff I add ends up in Ultimaker's Cura but for various reasons a lot doesn't. I offered the initial layer wall speed feature to the Cura devs some time ago and it was rejected so it's only going to be in my releases.
  4. Try my Cura release, it not only has a setting for first layer wall speed but it also gives you the ability to modify the speed for small perimeters. You can find my releases (for Linux and Windows) at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0
  5. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    Well, the model maybe looks uniform in cross section but, in reality, because it's made from lots of triangles, the shapes of the polygons that define where the walls, infill, etc. go varies with height. It only needs a small variation in outline to sometimes produce quite a different print. Here's an image showing a few of the triangles in your model...
  6. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    Yes, I think the start point of the extra infill wall not being aligned to the inner/outer walls is definitely a bug.
  7. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    I think the problem is simply that what looks like a smooth curved edge to the naked eye can actually have very sharp corners and so one of those tiny (but sharp) corners gets chosen to be the sharpest corner in a given outline rather than the corner you were hoping it would chose.
  8. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    Not sure what you mean there. I'm not aware of there being an open issue on github related to the sharpest corner z-seam method. It's probably working as intended and the real issue is that the sharpest corner on each layer of your model does not occur in the same x/y position. It only really works satisfactorily when the model is suitable (no tiny jagged edges and a uniquely identifiable corner). Perhaps it would work better if the outline was smoothed?
  9. BTW, you can lose those ugly lines on the top skins by setting the combing mode to no skin.
  10. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    I normally need to change the x/y values to steer the seam to where I want it. In this particular instance, the seam was positioned OK with the existing x/y values. Incidentally, I usually check the Z Seam Relative box and then the x/y values are treated as offsets from the centre of the part's bounding box.
  11. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    Hi @Link, there's a few changes I would recommend: 1 - don't use the sharpest corner z-seam flavour - it rarely does what you want. Better would be to go for user-specified as this will tend to lock the z-seam into a corner. 2 - using an infill wall is OK but it looks like a bug that it always starts in the same location and doesn't match up with the z-seam of the walls. Personally, I never use an infill wall count > 0. 3 - I think the gyroid infill will produce better results for this model, I normally use the connect infill lines option which kinda gives you an infill wall that covers 50% of the infill perimeter. You could probably reduce the infill density to 10% and still have a stronger print than using the grid infill. This picture shows the settings I changed. Hope this helps!
  12. smartavionics

    Z seam is moving for no apparent reason

    Hi @Link, could you please attach the project file? That helps a lot.
  13. The way to avoid those gaps is to use the expand skins setting. Have a play with that.
  14. smartavionics

    Random Surfaces in Hollow Prints Please Help

    Hi @3DPrintingPro-JustBeginner, I think the problem here is that the model has issues. This is what FreeCAD thinks about it...
  15. smartavionics

    Cura seems to be leaving a section of wall unprinted

    Assuming that you are using the right amount of retraction, the most likely reason for this is that you are using combing and it is doing a long un-retracted travel before the bad zone. So set the max combing distance without retract value to something like 10 and will make the combing use retraction for the longer travels.

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