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  1. smartavionics

    Temp gcode not in start gcode of Cura?

    It was actually a github issue (https://github.com/Ultimaker/Cura/issues/5155).
  2. smartavionics

    Temp gcode not in start gcode of Cura?

    Hello @ahoeben, while you're here did you see the request the other day from a user to be able to have multiple extruders with a single heater? I think quite a lot of people would probably like that. I suggested that I would do the engine stuff if some heroic person worked on the front end. It probably doesn't need much, maybe just a checkbox to say that all the extruders share a heater. Are you up for it?
  3. smartavionics

    Temp gcode not in start gcode of Cura?

    Looking at the Cura sources I would expect those names to be material_bed_temperature, material_bed_temperature_layer_0, material_print_temperature and material_print_temperature_layer_0.
  4. smartavionics

    Issues with combing

    Using the no skin combing only reduces the size of the wiggle, it doesn't remove it altogether.
  5. smartavionics

    irregular perimeter corners

    Ah, yes, it looks like a BMG which is what I am using. Nice bit of kit...
  6. smartavionics

    irregular perimeter corners

    Thinking about achieving a good quality z-seam, I think the single thing that has made the most difference was fitting a Bondtech extruder. I had previously used 2 other types of extruder on that machine (a Kossel mini) and the Bondtech just blew them away in terms of print quality.
  7. smartavionics

    irregular perimeter corners

    Hello @giostark, I nearly always use the user-defined z-seam alignment with x and y values that force the z-seam to be on the edge I want. I don't use the other z-seam modes (nearest, random, sharpest corner).
  8. smartavionics

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    Whilst it would be great to get feedback on new features, bug fixes, etc. I think that having daily (automatic) builds would create a lot of spurious bug reports because there's absolutely no guarantee that the master branch(es) are usable or synchronised. Users are not really going to know if the failure is due to a "real" bug or simply because the repos are not actually in a usable state on that particular day. With my own releases, I try to ensure that they are basically usable and don't have any known show-stopping problems. They are half way between a nightly build and a normal release.
  9. smartavionics

    tiny holes/gaps on walls

    Looks like you retracting too much and sucking in air.
  10. smartavionics

    Issues with combing

    FYI, this little wiggle is not caused by a problem with the combing per se. What's happening is that the slicer is moving the nozzle away from the perimeter wall so as to avoid doing a retraction on the wall. This may have made sense in the past, I am not convinced it is beneficial. There is currently no way to disable it.
  11. smartavionics

    Wall thicker on curved sections

    Here's a couple of possibilities... Obviously, when you print a curve, the distance along the inside edge of the curve will be shorter than on the centre line or outside edge of the curve and so the extruded filament will tend to expand in the inwards direction. Another effect will be the (printer firmware and settings dependent) momentary slow down of the nozzle as it changes direction at each vertex in the curve which will tend to thicken the line.
  12. Thanks for the files. I set the skin removal width to zero and now the skin around the 4 holes on layers 29-32 gets printed. The skin was being removed because it was narrow than the removal threshold. Hope this helps!
  13. smartavionics

    Issues with combing

    Thanks. Meanwhile, I think I know what's happening. You can reduce the size of that little wiggle by using the "no skin" combing option. It will still wiggle a little but not as much. I am looking into how it can be removed completely.
  14. smartavionics

    Issues with combing

    Hello @Bad_Mechanic, thanks for the files. Actually, both of those gcodes are using combing. The only differences they have are in the print temperature. I think the project file could be more useful as that will show me the settings so could you please attach that. Thanks.
  15. Hi @tomtom001, could you please attach a Cura project file that shows this problem. It's hard to suggest a solution just looking at the images. Thanks.
  16. smartavionics

    Issues with combing

    Hi @Bad_Mechanic, please attach a sample of the gcode that exhibits this problem so it can be investigated. Thanks.
  17. From the Cura source code: /*! * Outer polygons should be counter-clockwise, * inner hole polygons should be clockwise. * (When negative X is to the left and negative Y is downward.) */
  18. smartavionics

    How To Create Single Wall Prints? BUG?

    Hi @nathanaa5, there's two separate mechanism in Cura for thin walls. 1 - the normal "fat" wall printing logic which prints all walls as an outer/inner pair. When the overlap compensation is enabled, the second wall to be printed will be thinned down to try and fit it in the available space. There's an extra setting called min wall flow that controls the cut off so that walls that are so thin that their percentage flow is below the threshold will be replaced with travel moves. Using those settings will produce reasonable results on walls whose width is > approx 125% of the wall line width. 2 - If you try and print a wall that's thinner than can be handled using the above, enable the "thin walls" setting and another mechanism will be used. I have recently worked on a new implementation of this mechanism as I was not happy with the performance of the existing implementation. This is also used for filling the gaps between walls. You can find my releases at https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0 Here's some test objects that use either thin walls or gap filling (ignore the fact that the skirt doesn't go around the central object, that isn't relevant here.)
  19. smartavionics

    Ultimaker Cura | a new interface

    There's a link to a Linux version in here https://ultimaker.com/en/products/ultimaker-cura-software/list
  20. I think you will find that the walls around a hole are printed in one direction and the walls around the outline of the part are printed in the other direction. This is determined by the part of CuraEngine that constructs the polygons for each layer.
  21. smartavionics

    How To Create Single Wall Prints? BUG?

    My single wall & gap filling code has not been merged, yet. If you wish to use it, install one of my releases from https://www.dropbox.com/sh/s43vqzmi4d2bqe2/AAADdYdSu9iwcKa0Knqgurm4a?dl=0.
  22. smartavionics

    Top layer : Printed lines over extruded

    Hi, are you sure that it isn't simply over-extruding because the extruder calibration is wrong? Also, as top skins are often printed slower than other parts of the print, it could be over-extruding because it's printing at a slower speed than you used when calibrating the extruder. For example, if you calibrated your extruder using a flow of, say, 5mm/S and then when printing the skin the flow was only, say 2mm/S, it would very likely over-extrude. Just a thought!
  23. smartavionics

    Sudden underextrusion during print

    Hello @orlin278, could you please attach a project file that has failed. I would like to have a look at the settings. Thanks.
  24. Hi, I would use the user defined z-seam position option and specify x and y values that position the seam in the least visible position on the model. There are other settings that can have an effect on the z-seam visibility. The retraction settings, print outer wall first, coasting (not recommended), wipe outer wall, etc. You will need to play around and find the settings that work best with that printer and filament.
  25. smartavionics

    cura 3.6 not using the start gcode

    No, keep it set to Marlin. RepRap is now specific to the reprap firmware supported by some controllers (i.e. the Duet).

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