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  1. I thank-you for your advise, I saw a method whereby you slice the figure in half in meshmisher and print the 2 half's then gluing them together. The detail shown on the 22 mm figures was astonishing.
  2. gr5 how did you print those people I for the life of me cannot find the right settings for my ultimaker 2+
  3. Pictures please. And show scale. For some people "small" is the size of the robot. For some people small is the size of a grain of rice. For some people a grain of rice is large. Very likely your part isn't getting a chance to cool so try printing at least 2 of it so that while it is printing the "copy" the "main" print has time to cool. Here is an example of what I consider small but with a smaller nozzle you can go *much* smaller. I printed these white people all at once so each one could cool - taking turns. edit: Actually I think the person on the far left was printed by himself. Is that what you mean by "blobby"?
  4. Hi there, My name is Todd and I am a grade 4 to 7 Socials teach. For my grade 7 class I am having the students scan themselves in poses, fix the meshes in meshmixer then print themselves to be the people in their ancient civ. dioramas. I am printing with an Ultimaker 2+. The scale is pretty small 1:72 scale or around 15 to 20 mm in hieght. I have tried the .25 mm nozzel .005mm layer hieght, 100% fill and I have slowed the speed down to 70mm/s. I am getting questionable results and the quality of the prints sucks. Might any of my learned colleages have any suggestions as to how I can clean up these prints? Todd
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