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  1. Bones have a very light and stong infill. The density decreases from outside to inside. Maybe there is an existing mathematical function, which describes this infill. And by the way, cura is great. I am using it since Ultimaker2. 3.6 is no longer working on my (CNC) Macbook OS 10.9 that makes me a little sad. Have great ChristmasHolidays 🐵
  2. The program is in the Program folder, first time the Mac asked me, if I want to start Cura, because, it is from the internet. I agreed. Then the symbol appears, and is gone within 1-2 seconds. The next programstarts same procedure, the GUI will not appear. A SpashScreen with VersionNumber is also not visible. And before you ask: Mac is rebooted ... thx for help
  3. Now, with the "new" firmware I can compair the printed z-height I have tested the following example: I want to insert someting into my print. CURA settings: first layerheight = 0.3 mm layerheight = 0.15 mm The last "open" layer is 52, the next layer 53 closes the hole. 52 is the last chance to insert something. calculating the height: the fist layer is 0.3 mm 52 - first layer = 51 layers to print with 0.15 -> 7.65 mm 7.65 mm + first layer 0.3mm -> 7.95 mm 7.95 mm should be the correct for "Pause at height" But you had t
  4. But in Cura the height is not displayed in layer mode. This will be a great feature for CURA. -Carsten -
  5. THX @ Didier, the new firmware has a great info-screen. (with z-height)
  6. I bring this item up again, because it is important for me -> Carsten
  7. has anybody the same problem / error? - Carsten -
  8. Yes, you are right, when you in solid view mode, the problem does not exist. I hope, an developer will read this issue :o) -Carsten-
  9. If I select Stützstruktur -> verwenden von Pfeilern AND select the experimental feature "Anpassschichten verwenden" then the bird droppings will be placed on the base-plate, without touching the model. Here a picture: deactivating the feature: "Anpassschichten verwenden" will remove the droppings. The BIRD I have never seen :o) -Carsten-
  10. Because Christmas is near, I have a great idea for a present: The Cura App is a great App (in my life). Often I read something or see something in the internet in english. Now I want to try this on my "german" Cura, I try to find the item ... nothing ... the I had to use the preferences and change the language to english, save my project, close CURA, restart CURA open my project find the correct topic / item, OK, and now the way back to german translation close,restart .. a non convenient way. And when I read an english forum topic, I do not reconfigure my cura. It will be great to t
  11. The EditField for "Horizontale Erweiterung" and "Horizontale Erweiterung erste Schicht" try yourself to enter a value. Often the EditField is cleared, you had to reenter the editField again and again, set the curser to the correct Position and type in the next digit. When you type very very quickly, you have the chance to enter 2 gigits at once.
  12. I know, Chritmas is over, but becaus I am often using the Erweiterungen -> PostProcessing -> G-Code ändern -> pause at height (plugin) for inserting something into the print. Often I miss the correct layer -> I think because of the wrong layer calculation (my previous post) I want to see the correct Z-Position in the LayerView, to insert the correct values into the pause at height dialog. And maybe, I can insert the LayerNumber into the dialog, an it calculates the z-height by itself. like in the TweakAtZ: and a G-Code command for maki
  13. I think, I have located a bug in Cura 3.2.1 as you can see in the Pictures, the model has only two layers. The original size is 0.5 mm height. First layer 0.3mm and the next 0.2mm =0.5 mm. In the layerview, there are 3 layers displayed as you can see. this is a "little" big problem, when you use Erweiterungen -> PostProcessing -> G-Code ändern -> pause at height. The indicated Layer muliplied with the layerheigth + (firstLayerheight-layerheight) is not correct. Please correct the layers. Carsten
  14. Hi, I tried also version 2.3.1 with same problems. My english is not the best, how do you made a typo, and what is a typo? And a space in the start code? ??? Are you a (the) developer of cura???
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