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  1. Cura 2.7 is terrible on my laptop. I have often had issues with the slowness of cura, to the point where I have now started using Simplyfy3D slicer ($150). I prefer the interface of cura but it's just unworkable. My laptop is mac 2.8 GHz Intel Core i7 + 16GB RAM bought last year so I don't see how it can be the computer specs.
  2. also....what happened to the auto layout command?
  3. Hi,I have found Cura to run really REALLY slow on the workstations at work. they are 16GB ram with i7 core processors so pretty decent spec.but Cura runs really slow and rinses the CPU - https://imgbb.com/'> I sometimes have 6 students trying to slice files and it is pretty much impossible when cura grinds to a hault...any tips on how to get it running better? (and yup I have already switched off auto alice)
  4. Ive found Cura to work really really slow on desktop imac (16GB ram, latest os), it works a bit better on my macbook pro (also 16GB ram).... turning off auto slice does help, but really on the imac its pretty much unusable. S3D is a good alternative slicing software if your on the look-out, it costs $150, but if your going to be doing alot of printing I think it's worth investing in.
  5. I am doing some test's using formfutura flexifil on the ultimaker 2+ - I am following recommended settings provided by the supplier I bought the printers from - 'Best results we found are that the nozzle is set to 235 degrees and the bed at 60 but using 2090 blue scotch tape as platform adhesion as it tends to warp very easily. Adding a brim will also help with the platform adhesion. For best results use the TPU 95A material profile on cura as this works amazing with the material' So far the material is extruding nicely, but not staying stuck to the tape very well - part of the print sticks, but part lifts, even with a brim. When I tried changing the material over (back to PLA) I had to open the feeder up because the flex filament got jammed, but that only took a couple of minutes. I will keep testing with flexifil and if I get some decent results will share the settings and some pictures.
  6. What end code would I use in addition with G28 ; home all M104 S0 ; turn off heaters M140 S0 ; turn off bed M84 ; disable motors to also lower the um2+ buildplate, and switch off the fans once the nozzle has cooled down after a print? I am using simplyfy3D, octoprint and um2+
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