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  1. I'm "only" using it for hobbies. I really enjoy robotics (Printing InMoov right now). In the next month, I'm going to buy an Ultimaker 3 and may use 3D printing professionally.
  2. Ok, thank you really much!
  3. Hey! I want to use the CPE material by Ultimaker in the near future. I've just been printing with PLA since I got an Ultimaker 3D printer. My only question is if an enclosure or front door would be required?
  4. Hey Guys, I really need your help. I just upgraded my printer with the Ultimaker Extrusion Upgrade Kit and since then the layers where I got 100% infill look really weird. Do some of you may know, what is causing this? Edit: I've tried lowering the speed, which didn't work.
  5. Yeah, that could be a reason! Any idea, what I can do to test it? Or fix it?
  6. Yeah, that could be a reason! Any idea, what I can do to test it?
  7. I did several testings yesterday and today and after them I can't imagine that there is something wrong with the retractions. (I heated the Extruder up to 200° Celsius and extruded 10CM with the UltiController and the same happened again, so I dont think it has something to do with retractions and too much Filament coming through) I also tested my Teflon coupler and it don't seems to be damaged at all. Any other suggestions?
  8. Hello, I have something weird going on with my hotend. I tried printing a part yesterday and noticed, that the filament stopped extruding. I thought that there was a problem with the extruder but when as I took the Bowden Tube out of the hotend I saw a big chunk of PLA at the end of the tube that there was no possibility for it to go into the Teflon coupler (Filament softened in upper head) . As I took the whole hotend apart to clean it I saw the PLA stuck in the peek insulator. I cleaned it and put it back together and the print worked for 10 minutes and then the whole problem appeared a
  9. Could someone give me the Information what to change exactly? I got the same problem on my Ultimaker Original Plus (except that my PCB is charred and I can't see any PCB failure). Just for information, the UMO+ uses the same electronics as the UM2.
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