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  1. Does the cura software include options to create supports where designs need them. Particularly in gaps and to hold up hanging structures with angles? I do have insight software as well as the makerbot software. I do understand the ultimaker is open source and would be compatible with such programs? Is that correct? I am recieving my ultimaker 2+ extended machine tomorrow. I already have designed parts I intend to share with you all. I am currently on my last test run using anothers makerbot replicator+. I should be able to start producing with my ultimaker shortly. Excited. Thank You for your
  2. Thankyou SandervG and LePaul. I have purchased a Ultimaker 2+ Extended used with less than 150 hours print time on it. I am really looking forward to receiving and making 3D prints with your printer. I will follow the initial startup guide. I do want to ask are there any modifications I can make to the ultimaker regarding a dual extruder as well as a possible usb connection to process the g code and print.
  3. I am happy to say today I have purchased a Ultimaker 2 + extended. I just wanted to know if there is any calibration/ maintenance I should perform before doing my first test run. Any suggestions? I have seen issues with loose pulleys and such. Is there anything else that I should look to address?
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