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  1. Hi, I would like to 3D print a wavy structure. It follows a semi-circular footprint, and consists of a wavy slab, beams and arches. I would like to get some advice which is the best orientation, and what custom supports could I produce for this print (as it was test printed in plan orientation and failed. I am interested in printing the slab separately to the structure, although I am attaching an image of the arches/beams in case these would somehow aid in 3D printing it. The overall length of the slab is roughly 200mm and the thickness possibly 2mm. Looking forward to hearing your advice, thank you
  2. Thank you for your replies. We are using CURA standard settings and we tried to print with different filament as well . Still same problem. I suspect it is a problem with feeder as it can print 3-5 passes of brim with no problem, then feeder "clicks" and plastic stops extruding properly and nozzle begins to drag it behind (As in the image) The tested print was of a floor slab.
  3. Could anyone identify why the nozzle is dragging plastic? Please consider that - Bed is levelled Nozzle is clean (using atomic method) All settings are standard with no adjustments. An it was working with these settings properly in the past. I suspect the problem might be with plastic feeder behind the printer? Could you identify other reasons and solutions? The images show how the print looks to clarify whats happening Thank you
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