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  1. @gr5 I’m only assuming here, but my UM3 has existing connectors located behind each of the feeders [supposedly] for this exact purpose, but it was never brought to fruition.
  2. Selling my UM3X, very good condition, low hours, Bondtech DDGs, top enclosure & door, extra print cores, dual side-mount eSun dry boxes, filament, original box. $2500 OBO colorich@gmail.com Pick-up or ship at buyer’s expense.
  3. Did you have any luck with the ASA? I'm having the same problems with bed adhesion.
  4. Well, I gained access, but further down on the command line you’ll notice the “Permission Denied” after I enter the lines (cut/paste) from a few posts above.
  5. I'm using Putty under Windows 10 (via Parallels 15 on my Mac Pro) and keep getting "Permission Denied". User: root and Password: Ultimaker -- Any idea as to why?
  6. So this is the BEST we can expect from Ultimaker regarding this known problem? A temporary workaround? Really?
  7. It's very sad what has become of Ultimaker.
  8. ‘Thank you, Carlo. Will we ever get filament monitoring and Frame LED control? Both would be great.
  9. With the introduction of the new flagship S5, is the UM3 even supported anymore? It looks like the last firmware update was April of last year.
  10. Well, it’s been a while. Any firmware update for the UM3 yet?
  11. Flow sensors that are readily available just monitor and control the flow rate. I’ve been using the one by Filipe (Objects With Intelligence) on my Marlin printers for a few years. There should be no reason they couldn’t also monitor for EOF and jams as well.
  12. Hopefully this thread isn't dead, but would this work? https://dyzedesign.com/shop/filament-detector/filament-sentinel-2/
  13. Thanks @gr5 and @MJHEED, their customer service is exceptional. I originally ordered 2 sheets for my UM3 and after a fail and fused plate (for which I used a heat gun, then sanded) I have somehow ended up with 5 plates from them...4 of them at no charge. I am am going to try my rough-sanded plate with manual leveling and.no heat — and tweak it from there — both of you have helped me tremendously. Thank you, Rich
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