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  1. Maybe if I had a UM2 but the build isn’t much bigger to justify the upgrade to me. Quieter doesn’t matter to me plus I made my own enclosure also. It’s like my iPhone .... I kept the 6plus until Apple did something big .... which for me was the X. The value is there for you but not for me. Given I like new toys and I’m itching at the Wallet to buy it , it’s a tough sell for me personally.
  2. Ummmm idk but 4500 is allot to spend on a printer(UM3 Ex owner) and not be able to upgrade for filament detection. Ummmmmmmmm.... I don’t see the value as UM3 ex owner to upgrade to this
  3. Do you guys run 3DSolex Nozzles at a different Temp? or do the defaults in cura work for you? Im recently plagued with clogs which all seem to come from temp settngs. everything was working fine with the defaults but suddenly every prints stops extruding mid way.
  4. With out the prime tower, do you not run into issues?
  5. Ok thanks ... just wanted to be sure... its a scary sound.
  6. Recent after updating the my UM3 extended, I have notice a rattling noise. It only seems to happen while wiping the nozzle on the prime tower. It makes a vibrating noise as if it were struggling to move or if it were caught on something. Maybe its part of the update? I just unpacked it after a move it was boxed up for 3-4 months. ... its hard to hear but you can see its shaking and rattling.
  7. Maybe its just me but every-time i use cura it takes forever to load. I switched to layer view, it takes forever before it loads and i can actually use the layer slider on the side. I open simplyfy3d and it loads instantly and everything runs smoothly. Does Mac vs Pc make a difference in load and slicing times?..Im using a Mac Pro (garbage can) ..... .Even on my New MBP top of the line ... its does the same thing
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