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  1. I've had the printer for about a month and have gotten pretty good use out of it. Today, however, I'm getting the error message that everybody on the thread is mentioning. Unless the UM3 updates the firmware on its own, mine either came with the current version or was updated upon initial setup. I took a look at the AA print nozzle and it doesn't come to a sharp point the way it did when it was new. New, the point seems to be about 1mm in diameter; mine is about 2mm - 2.5mm. The hole from which the filament extrudes does not appear to be affected. Do these things have a severely limited life or is this just normal wear and tear (and will the print nozzle continue to work)? The overwhelming majority of my printing has been with the AA core; very little use of the BB core. I suppose it's possible that the unbalanced use of the AA versus BB core could result in an offset that the printer might see as excessive but, if that's the case, that's a major design flaw. I would hope that the expectation isn't to replace nozzles monthly at a cost of $115/each.
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