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  1. Hi Ultimakers You have done a great job by creating the new Ultimaker 3. But why do you put all these stones in the way? 1. I often clean the printbed in the office and start a new print at home. Is there an option to confirm that the printbed is clean? I now it is clean, but ultimaker seems to know it better. Only solution, dribe 20km back to office, press the wheel and drive back. BRAVO! 2. Changing filament during printing... A really important feature escpecially by the extend. Why i can not do that? 3. Why can choice the material if you can not reconice it? 4. Why do I have to wait for cooling down the extruder bevore I can start a print? There is a lot more of paternalism in the navication. I'm not able to to what i want to do because of really bad implemented "safety features". I need more (lot more!) freedom in dooing my own desicions and yes, i know it better than this !?$# machine. I hope you can give me back the usability i know from the ultimaker 2. A remote control by api is for nothing when you need to push one button on the machine. david
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