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  1. Hi... After installing latest version 3.2.1. of Cura and adressing my Nvidia Qiadro card as the dedicated videographics card all seems to run super smooth..... no restart and stuff it runs as a charm... I wished the newest version would have tacled the issues with the onboard Intel HD 520 grahics... (I cant update to the latest Intel driver HD520 driver because it needs a Lenovo adated driver... i've contacted lenov about this issue as well) Anyway after some slicing and generating some gcode thats running in UM2 as i write i switched of my Lenovo p50s laptop. 5 hours later i switched
  2. does anyone has an idea? or experience this as weel?
  3. hi... just want to add my experienced with cura 3.XXX to this discussion before its overlooked follow link ... but basically on a clean windows 7 x64 install i experience a slow, sluggis responding version of cura 3.1 ion my system.... i wished i could be of any help to solve this.. but i'm not a programmer :-/ (using multiple kinds of printers UM2 / UM2+ / UM2 Extended / Witbox)
  4. Hi ... any idea how to solve? or is this a bug... Since Cura version 3.xx came out i have trouble with it's interface...its sluggish, slow and buttons are not clickable... i'm running a laptop with windows 7 x64 with latest updates and servicepacks, onboard 16Gb Ram SSD, and Quadro video card (latest driver).... so i my opinion it meets the minimal hardware standards... UI Problems encountered and things that work: Previewing a solid obeject on printer bed, rotate around it, zooming in no problemo Slicing and Gcode generation and resulting prints. No problemo Layer view-.... no a
  5. Hi Trying to print stl file, in CURA 3.2.1 windows it looks fine but physical print gives different result. Holes are being filled with mesh? Anyone has an idea what the reason could be? Sliced in cura for Ultimaker 2 in normal mode with custom setting.. see images as comparison
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