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  1. Yes ... you're probably right and I only miss it much,beacuse it was there before . I use it a lot when I train new users on the UM and let the perform a manual levelling, to check afterwards. But in real life - you re right - its not so often needed - ? Nevertheless, thanks for looking it up !
  2. Hi all, is there a way to start the active levelling on the S5? (Other than starting a print job and the abort it)? I haven't found it in the menu ... (I would like to have it though, to check a new manual levelling. In the troubleshooting section of the UM website it says ... " Restart the active leveling process. " and " After this, you can start the active leveling again." - But I don't know how . Thanks - Yvonne
  3. Endlich glaubt mir jemand! - Ich hab wirklich schon am Rad gedreht ! (Ha - cooler Wortwitz) (in english - thanks Nicolinux)
  4. Hi all, to my opinion there is a mistake in the manual levelling routine, which only appears, when someone levels manually the UM3 and has to read the description in german. During the second levelling round, leveling the first point , one is supposed to ajust the hight with the (back) screw under the buildplate. - To read the whole text in german one has to scroll with the scrollwheel. (the english text is shorter, so it doesn become obvious there ) - the printbed hight is (in this step only) sensitive to the scrollwheel! - That means , if a user reads what to do, he changes the hi
  5. We have faced this issue on two network connected computers (both Macs): We could see the actual material configuration (opening the configuration sync button), but we couldn't click / activate it - so it did not get loaded in our settings from the prepare -worksspace. (3.3.1 and latest firmware on Ultimaker 3).
  6. In another thread I just read that a xyz-calibration warning is given after a factory reset ... xy-cal is quite timetaking for all sets of printcores - Thats why it would be good to know if a new xy-cal is defintly required or not (since the factory reset in my case is just a try to solve an issue). who knows for sure? thankks a nice pre-Xmas days! Y
  7. When I do a factroy reset of the Ultimaker 3, is the already done x-/y- calibration of the printcores affected? Is it overwritten, do I have to calibrate new? Or where is it physically stored ? Thanks for answering
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