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  1. Same for me: turning on prime blob did solve the issue (with brim).
  2. I've an Ultimaker 3 Extended connected with several PCs and several user profiles within the same Windows 10 graphic workastation. My aim is to manage in a single place (eg. master workstation user) the different Cura settings (especially the materials profiles, with related costs) and then access - or copy - the same settings to all the users and PCs. I've seen an EXPORT button in Preferences | Materials, but it only exports ONE material/filament at a time... so it's impossible to use it for several configured filaments. How could I replicate these settings and keep in sync? Do I need to manually copy some config files to the different machines? Where are they located? (I see the C:\users\username\AppData\local\cura\2.7\... folder structure, but... many files here...) Many thanks in advance!
  3. Same problem to me: bought CPE+ for an UM3 Extended. I'm trying a first print, but... how long does it take to heat the build plate to 110°C? It's taking sooooo much time! In November (see above) it was a "matter of a few months": now we're 3 months later. What is the actual status? Thanks in advance
  4. Given you're setting up the new firmware... (and I've read somewhere you've used RGB LEDs - is it correct?) maybe it could be interesting having different LEDs colors in general, or colors per print core in use, or colors per print completion status? (ok not as useful as switching those - nice - LEDs off, I admit ;-)
  5. Still the two spools arrived with the UM3x (Silver metallic and PVA) are not correctly recognised: only the 1st one I insert, the PVA in core 2, is recognised. Afterwards the 2nd filament (silver metallic) for print core 1 is recognised again as PVA... and I've to change it manually. The (little) problem is that using the UM3 menu to manually fix the material (= selecting "PLA") does not allow to set the material to the "exact" Ultimaker material, that Cura software should read. This way I've to force Cura to recognise a filament (UM Silver Metallic) that is different from what the printer thinks (normal PLA). Neither this method allows to use the feature that "knows" how much filament is still available in the spool (that only works with NFC recognised material, I suppose: the exact spool is identified and the printer knows how much filament has been printed and how much is still available). Waiting for a fix... :-)
  6. It's great that... as I'm absolutely a newbie on 3DP (my very first UM3x is just less than one month old)... this topic has been considered interesting :-))) And it's nice to read that "as for the variable layer height, it's something that is pretty high on our feature list, but due to some dragons in our architecture it will require more work than is should / would have". Effectively I think that such a feature would give benefits in: - faster detailed prints (using thicker layers only on simple surfaces) - more robust prints (if I'm not wrong... just learning...). Hope you'll kill the dragon in a reasonable time, Nallath! TKS!
  7. Just read an article where the new "Smooth Variable Layer Height feature" for Slic3r Prusa Edition improves surface quality while maintaining print speed. Effectively it's not a bad idea at all... and the hadware is unaffected: only a slicer software upgrade is required. Any idea about Cura plans? Here's the related article: link
  8. Same problems here (UM3 Extended, just arrived): the printer sees the FIRST filament as PVA (if I load the Ultimaker PVA as #2 and Ultimaker Silver gray as #1) and says that the head#1 (AA) cannot load a (BB) material... Any ideas? Have I to take apart the spool holder, too? Thanks g
  9. Same for me... waiting for the fw upgrade ;-)
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