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  1. Thanks, Rachel et al. I’ve found the NFC reader/writer ACR122U based on Amazon, as well as the tags (NTAG216). I’ll try it in MacOS (BigSur) asap... Question: but having a latest iPhone (nfc write capable), with app like “NFC Tools” that can write NTAG216, might you simply program each tag with the correct ID (copy & paste from Cura) to have a similar solution? thanks
  2. Same "intermittent" problem here: Cura 4.8.0 and Big Sur 11.0.1 (on latest MBP16 2020). After importing the different stl files on plate, the only way to select them is via the object panel (very uncomfortable... ok as a precise option, but usually far better to click on an object to select it), and as soon as I try a movement or transformation, they get unselected... This could be a real problem, 'cos it's quite important to move and rescale objects... PS: one of the loaded file was not considered as watertight... maybe this scrambled something... (but the problem is min
  3. Is there any Cura setting that force the roofs (and floors) to be printed in horizontal or vertical lines (in respect to the build plate), instead of diagonal? Whenever an object has a top flat layer, the fact that Cura always prints it diagonally produces not optimal results. I understand that a diagonal print might be more resistant, but I would like having only the top 2-3 layers in horizontal fashion. Obviously I could turn the object itself 45°, as in below picture (left), and get horizontal lines, but I would prefer having only the "final layers" in horizontal fashion, whi
  4. @gandy thanks for the wonderful explanation. I'm not an NFC expert, but if I can find some time, I'll try going through (and in case let you know)!
  5. It would be great to: 1. add the new non-Ultimaker filament in Cura DB (es. Filamentum Vertigo Starlight, with all of its data). 2. obtaing the new material identifier from Cura db 3. write an NFC tag with this identifier. Still unpossible? Given I use so many different brands materials... I'd love such an (easy) solution!
  6. I've the same problems: - there's mostly always to override a non-NFC material (see thread link) - I always get an error message: "Not a group host. You are attempting to connect to UM3X-SPP but it is not the host of a group. You can visit the web page to configure it as a group host." For the second topic, the offered URL is bad (strange they've not already corrected in Cura), but it would work if you prefix your printer IP address (eg. The problem is that even following the link, that brings you to the normal Cura Connect webpage, you
  7. Very kind, my friend! I'll do it today, as soon as I finish the current 7hrs air mask print 😄
  8. I understand Rebekah problem, and I've the same: 60% of my filaments are not Ultimaker/NFC enabled, so there's mostly ALWAYS an override to be done... really annoying. Using generic materials means you cannot use specific and "colored" non-Ultimaker materials, something that is useful for: 1. looking at correct colored parts, especially in dual extrusion 2. my materials database is detailed with specific printing options, cost, etc. In the end: --> I need using specific non-ultimaker materials --> It would be nice having a Cura option (easy to se
  9. I've finally used the official 0.25 Ultimaker printcore that I bought about 2yrs ago but never had the occasion to use before. My printer is an Ultimaker 3 Extended, last stable firmware. Last Cura 4.6.1. Problem: changing the printcore 1 from the standard AA0.4 to the new AA0.25 my printer always thinks to have attached an AA0.4. I did try changing it two times, I cleaned with alcool the printcore contacts (but the 0.25 core was brand new and enclosed in a plastic bag). Nothing. Always recognised as an AA0.4. I did calibrate the XY axis after changing the core: all
  10. My Ultimaker 3 Ext cannot reach 100°C, even with the "closed front" (with plexi). So to print CPE+ (base settings are 107°C) I've to lower the plate temp to 95°C otherwise the printer goes on trying rising temperature for hours without never reaching the target (and throwing away a LOT of electricity...)
  11. Did you come to a solution? I was stucked with Cura/online wifi printer management... But I find a couple of workarounds: (1) only way to print is via USB with gcode. (2) after I found that the iOS app (!!) was able to delete the stucked printing processes! Nonetheless there's a bug in Cura and a bug on the web portal... Ciao
  12. Same issue. And seems quite an annoying bug: I CANNOT DO ANYTHING! BRICKED at the moment. I loaded Ultimaker CPE+ Black and - as usual - NFC does NOT work, so I had to manually select Generic CPE+ from printer menu, while the correct filament in Cura... As you can see I cannot delete online or in Cura. Only duplicate the job! Already tried to reset the printer two times. My firmware is the latest stable... so cannot understand Cura "suggestion" to update the firmware to update the queue remotely... Cura is latest 4.6.0. PLEASE SUPPORT!
  13. Just in case... I'd love to have back the pre-heat too (single UM printers, at home and office)... To advise the user that the plate is "hot" the LED might be pulsing, and the display might well highlight the fact that the plate is hot (= print soon and not waste energy). As well as CURA could show a RED icon. THANKS
  14. Same for me: turning on prime blob did solve the issue (with brim).
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