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  1. So it would be best to do the cold pulls with ABS? I tried using ABS one time and when reading on the atomic method it suggested to pull at 110 degrees. When I tried pulling though it would not come out. I had to turn it up to 150 to be able to get it out. I will continue trying the atomic method and see if I make any progress. We might simply purchase a new nozzle to start from scratch.
  2. Hi All, At my job, we use an Ultimaker 2 to print name plaques and logos and other fun things like that. I am by no means an expert so I need all the help I can get! When we originally started using the Ultimaker 2 it worked perfectly with PLA. We were able to print with PLA for a couple of months without having any problems. I then tried printing some things with ABS and the printer really seemed to be having trouble with that material. I was able to get it to print some things using ABS by applying adhesive to the build plate, but we figured with the things that we were going to be printing it would be easier to just continue to use PLA. However, after removing the ABS from the printer, I have not been able to extrude anything from the hot end at all. I have attempted to clean the nozzle using the atomic method but here is the result I get from attempting that. I am out of ideas so I was hoping you guys could help me out on what else I can do to make the printer work again. Thanks!
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