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  1. M117 BEGIN: .... M117 END: ... This is not included in the actual Gcode. It is only a flag to protect Start / End Gcode internally in the plugin. I originally used it as a comment. In this version, cura ignored the last comment in Start Gcode, so I used M117 as a flag. Increasing the input field to 32 is for inserting the layer parameters. This does not support "one at a time" mode. I will add it to the plugin description. Thank you
  2. http://cafe.naver.com/maz3dp/71 Download Source Code 0. Features - Displays the current printing layer number on the LCD screen - Partial 3D printing is possible by setting start and end layers - Adjust the thickness of supporter - Change the speed, temperature, etc. using 10 layer parameters. - This does not support "one at a time" mode. 1. Copy this plugin to c:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\plugins\PostProcessingPlugin\scripts\MAZCuraPlugin20.py 2. Modify Start/End Gcode : Without this modification, the plugin will not work!!! This will protect your Start/End Gcode. - Add this to end line of Start Gcode :M117 Printing...M117 BEGIN:MAZ-Cura-Plugin - Add this to start line of End Gcode M117 END:MAZ-Cura-PluginM104 S0 ....: 3. Modify Cura setting for input alphabet.. c:\Program Files\Cura 2.3\resources\qml\Settings\SettingTextField.qml about line 100... before maximumLength: 10;validator: RegExpValidator { regExp: (definition.type == "int") ? /^-?[0-9]{0,10}/ : /^-?[0-9.,]{0,10}/ } after maximumLength: 32;validator: RegExpValidator { regExp: (definition.type == "int") ? /^-?[0-9]{0,10}/ : /^[A-Z0-9.,\:]{0,32}/ }
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