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  1. For who is still in the dark, i modified file fdmprinter.def, in C:\Program Files\Cura 2.4\resources\definitions. Row 3967 just changed the 1 with a 2, and now the magic option is there. Will make some test now.
  2. Instead of beeing so rude, could you just not say "edit here" and that is? use it at your own risk or something?
  3. Sorry, i don't get it. I DON'T use the second extruder, and i can't disable it, so there is no way to print stuff like the UM2? I have to print every single small thing manually? After buying a 3.6K printer? Shouldn't they make a BIG sign saying that the printer is half ready and not 100% working? Right now i'm really pissed. And there is no way to open an official ticket, or i can't find how to file a complain.
  4. Thx for the reply. Of course i'm loading a single model and then i multiply in CURA, but the saiud options is still hidded. Any one else have same issue?
  5. I'm using a Ultimaker 3 + Cura 2.4 and i can't find how to make the printer make a "Print One at a Time" session... I'm printing small stuff, wich i used to print 16x in one single pass, and now i've to make une print at a time, wich is kind of frustrating, considering that i just upgraded to Ultimalker 3 to work better, not to waste more time... I'm using a single filament, so no bothering with dual extrusion and so on, but i can't find how to make the printer enable "One at a time" options. Any help please? I'm hitting my head on the ground every 3 min starting now....
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