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  1. Nozzle 0,4 layer 0,1 60mm speed 220 / 60 degrees use the CrS10 as it comes out of the box. (Sorry Ultimakers -I’m retired with a small budged) if you want to see a making of my models go to YouTube- “Garrattmaker”
  2. That sounds really good! 🙂 My Table today... kr Helmut
  3. I print with a CR-10s. and with the “Polycast” (wax)material from Polymaker. Extruder 220 / bed 60 degrees celsius With machinable wax I have no experience. 😊
  4. Please look to this side ... special materials. https://www.polymakerindustrial.com/material-portfolio from my view it is perfect for melting out. And casting brass. No residue ca. 250 degrees Celsius - time depends on volume. the minimum quantity is 3kg. I don't know how they handle there rules with an university. they are in Asia - and have a Europe center in Nederlands. And a center in US (I think NY)... This material you can perfect glue with alcohol 98%. In my case I do not need support-material - complex parts I print in
  5. I use "Polycast" it is also a wax filament (it is just for companies.. not on the "free market") settings are very similar to normal PLA on a CR 10s printer.
  6. Great, That is really helpful .... Mille grazie
  7. Theres is some "lost wax" filament on the market - with 3mm... I'm wondering about 2.85mm ? Is there any experiences with wax ore "wax similar" filament? I want to print items for metal casting for my live steam loco models. ( see Facebook: "Garrattmaker")
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