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  1. hello guys, i just unpacked my UM 3 - super excited - but after like 4 minutes i already have three problems: 1: during the welcome setup- my printer does not recognize the BB core i put in place 2. it just gets stuck while waiting for me to change it. I tried turning it off and back on again, changed the already installed AA core with the other one, changed the core-places. but it doesn't recognize it as AA. when i skipped that step, now it says the core is AA. still wrong. 2: i have not loaded any filament yet - but out of the BB-core came some black stuff while trying to load the pva-material ? what is this ? 3: my printer does turn off at random - i checked the power supply and it turns out the cable connection at the backside of the printer is badly manufactured ?! when the cable gets lifted up (while turning) the connection gets lost and it turns off...i have to push it down for a while for it to have a connection... what if this happens during a daylong print ?:/ I was super excited for your product but now I need your support to keep it this way. Thank you in advance, Daniel from Germany.
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