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  1. Mine broke around the screw, the local dealer 'Creative tools' here in Halmstad Sweden say they don't have it as spare part, just the hole print core.
  2. It's not found on the installer, but on the Cura.exe itself https://www.virustotal.com/en/file/db21071c8e990f6f4c8d72e74ffbf7d4964344e7f23400f7da615ab5e3ddc228/analysis/1492770412/
  3. Well... It seems like my antivirus, WebRoot, thinks that Cura.exe [2.5] contains [W32.Malware.Gen]. I'm on a corporate network, and are not allowed to disable the antivirus, and if i tell IT that I what to install a program that are flagged as containing malware...
  4. I've tried to run it as administrator to. And even removed all protections from the folder. And file zise are the same. and have tried to download again. using Firefox 52.0.2 And tried with Edge, with same result. Both times I get CRC:A63930E6
  5. Do you think you can send me an working 2.5 Cura.exe file? It might work if I paste it into the folder... Tried to unpack "Cura-2.5.0-win64.exe" using 7-zip, and there are no Cura.exe there. in 7-Zip file window, Cura.exe is 15265 bytes, but I don't seem to be able to extract it. If I unpack the "Cura-2.4.0-win64.exe" then I get a Cura.exe there.
  6. Can't see any references to 2.5 in Cura.log ??? it's 100MB - 6MB ziped... Cant seem to attach file to this message, or i'm missing something? Think you can get it from: https://www.dropbox.com/s/bno4yoqer840ot0/cura.zip?dl=0
  7. I've got the same problem ! Error writing file: Cura.exe Installation folder: "C:\Program Files\Cura 2.5" , "C:\Program Files\Cura" did not work either. Clicking "Ignore" and the rest of the installation seems to be OK. Cura.exe file length = 0 total size: 369 339 631 bytes Uninstalling and the program map is deleted. Retry the installation with same result Cura 2.3 are in a separate folder. Using Win10pro 64-bit (updated) Lot of disk (94G) and memory (10G) free Intel Xeon E5-1650 Nvidia Quadro K2000 (1.2G used of 2G)
  8. Hi I would like to be able to print a long ingress, at an "unused location", an initial print after the nozzel been primed. The reason are that at UM3 the priming "poop" quite often get stuck on the nozzle or printhead. Normal it get dropped after a while... but can make a mess of the print. Best Regards /Thomas
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