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  1. I think I found my issue; it seems that some of the stl files I was working with had been rendered at extremely fine detail. I re-rendered them at a lower resolution and things improved immensely. Pete
  2. I'm also having weird issues with 4.5 startup speed. It's quite odd, if I load some STL files it will load almost instantly. Try others and it grind away forever and is using a huge amount of RAM (even more than Chrome!!!). File size doesn't seem to be a factor as larger files will often open much more quickly than smaller files. I have disabled the network plugin mentioned previously to no effect. Anybody find a solution? Pete
  3. Found a work around solution. If I remove the PVA spool (which has the NFC), and set it away from the printer, the material selection menus stabilize. It's kind of a pain to do that every time though. I think this is a bug, but I'm not sure it's worth reporting. Anyone else experience it? Pete
  4. Hi All I'm running a UM3, and have been having trouble when changing material. When it comes to the menu for material selection, it reads the nfc tag on the PVA I have in Extruder two, but the spool I have in Extruder 1 doesn't show up (no surprise, no nfc tag on that one). No problem, but when I try to manually select the material, the menu flashes back to the display showing what material is selected before I can read or scroll through the list. Firmware is up to date. No other issues I am aware of. Frustrating because I can select the proper material (PLA) for Extruder 1.
  5. I think I finally have a resolution. After many attempts at fixing Cura, I finally formatted the USB key I was using, downloaded the firmware updates again, and updated the printer firmware again. The files must have been corrupted or something went wrong in the first firmware update, as things seem to be working fine now. Hope this helps someone else. Pete
  6. Update: Ok, I figured out that the characters are probably just an artifact of the 'gz' compression. (let me know if that is not the case) But if I choose 'save to file' after slicing and save as gcode, I get proper looking gcode. But I still get the ER26 message on the printer when I try to run the file. Any ideas? Pete UM3_ABSTitanGutsTopMK7.gcode
  7. I'm getting some problems here. I updated to 3.3.1 today, and did a firmware update for our Ultimaker 3. My old gcode files seem to work fine, but the new files are appended with a '.gz' file extension. If I open the file in notepad, the content is chinese(?) characters and empty blocks.Partial example below 謟ꄈ嫴"붜닙읥╱軸좯颵┉ꅞՠ㊂倐櫓荂뀤횚攒兆ᗹ參轲ঝ龢㠒웫뇞濥﮿�ﻯ鯰﾿翃ﵿ埢�וֹ࿷뽯췺鼷鞧�O︯㟱统﹟쟴︿쿩ﶟ쯲濗뽞�ﭼ췲뼗ﵾ㼯羷羇ﵻ￳폺羟ﹼ㾁뺧㱔˩꿻ﺾ῕矅龯钗⿗ﭒﶟ䳲쯧⿫羿췵㶫ﯿﵿ鿫ヌ쟷벿龫矵緟㷻럝籟췵穋꾛﮾诪ᆵ�꿫ǿﻏ�쓳ᅳ忆﫾⾧꾛﾿븟꿫꼾꒵忲�쾫㿓羵懾忇㿃徯羴7t蟹阿쏼匟뇺㾷跾粇鯳￟韗絟㹵㳣곮ﭦ 縫៫뱟ΰ쏼柗⼖뷟蟿쿗퟿ﺿ῰埋 This doesn't seem right..... If I try to
  8. Hi All I have just started using 3.2.1, and noticed a small 'bug' (actually a user error) that causes a bit of annoyance. If I load a new model, and try the layer view before slicing, the previously loaded and cleared model appears over top of the new one. I know I shouldn't try to view layers before slicing, but maybe some sort of error message could prevent this? Pete
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