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  1. I have a weird problem. My Anet A8 extrudes perfectly for a few moments, then starts underextruding, then extrudes ok again. This happens during all the print although it's more noticeable in the first layer, as can be seen in the picture. I've come to the conclusion that it depends mostly on time and not on the calibration of the bed, as even if it travels to a different location, if before travelling it was underextruding it keeps underextruding in the new location as well.
  2. I will definitely check these ideas out when I have the time. Thanks to both of you!
  3. Whooah! Wouldn't buying a drone and then engineering it be more expensive? By unsupported I mean that their page is no longer selling stuff, so I don't think they are attending tickets, support chats, and so. While I could (and would, anyways) buy the electronics at hobbyking, I'd like to go for a more modern (i.e. smaller) and still supported drone. Do you thing is there such a thing? Otherways I'll just make the MHQ2 as I know it's still pretty good. Edit: some text got cropped.
  4. I dunno, it did not look like you were asking for anything else. Let us see..... So, hmmm, If I read this right, you looked at a discontinued model, said it should be like that model and I found that model and that only the electronics would be a cost. Seems to have met the criteria. And, you did not state how much of a search if any that you may or may not have made. Now, if I wanted to be snarky the reply would have been "Learn to design and use a friggin' 3D Package and not depend on others..." Or..... "How about taking the model and just scaling it in Cura?" Or any number of other things. 1. I do not know you or what your habits are. But your message was, to me, not specific enough to warrant your reply. 2. I did not make assumptions about you, but may have interpreted your message wrong. But you assumed I did not read the message. That is on you. I may have screwed up the interpretation of the message, but I did take it literally and did not make assumptions. That is always on me. 3. If you had bothered to read my bio, you would have found I have Asperger's and that entails communication issues. And in all my posts, I have been nothing but helpful and have made a few communication gaffes. 4. If I was to make the assumptions you did, then I would see 6 posts, be snarky and make fun of you for being a noob, like they used to do in other forums when people asked questions. That reply was along the lines of "RTFM and then come back." 5. And just because you knew about a model did not mean you were not looking for it. If you want 'something like' that model, you are the only judge of that as there are too many to choose from for others to make that easy for you. Good points, I must admit. Now, to clear things up, I do know how to design seni-complex things but I do not know enough about drone aerodynamics to design a working one. I meant I liked the MHQ2's design but I'd rather go for a still supported one, just to make sure I have somewhere to ask if something goes wrong (as you said, I'm kind of a noob). And I'm sorry if my last post looked disrespectful, I have nothing against you and I'm thankful for your help. After reading your reply, I agree that my initial post needed some more specification.
  5. Do you think I'd take the time to post a new thread before googling? By the way, the drone you have found is the MHQ2, which I said I already knew (please read my post accordingly before answering). Thanks!
  6. Hello! As the title says, I'm looking for a pre-designed drone to 3d print and assemble. It should be a racing quadcopter (rectangular shape) and my budget is about €250 (no need for FPV for now). I've looked at the Hovership MHQ2 but it looks discontinued since 2014 or 2015 and somewhat outdated. However, I'd like something similar to the mhq2, maybe smaller. Thanks for reading and helping!
  7. Hello! As the title explains, I can't pause my Anet A8 because, when resuming, it offsets about 1 mm. I've put this into Hardware > Troubleshooting & Maintenance, but I'm not sure if I'm facing a hardware problem or a software/firmware one. Any help is appreciated. Thanks in advance!
  8. Thanks! I'll then buy some PET. Where could I buy it so they ship it to Spain without making me pay like a lot of money? EDIT: Nvm, already found it! Is 24€ for 0.75 kg a good deal?
  9. Thanks for all the answers and sorry for my late reply! I think I'll go with PET, as I'm not going to buy nylon just for this project (so expensive!). BTW are the ones stating "flexible PLA" (e.g. this one) actually flexible as ninjaflex or are they just a PLA with a little more flexibility? Would they work for my lid? Thanks again
  10. Hi, I'm having some issues when printing a jug lid I designed with normal PLA plastic. There are three thin sections of the lid which need to be able to be bended without breaking apart, but PLA just breaks when I apply some force on it. Screenshot: link (the parts circled in red are the ones that break). My question is: which (cheap) material should I use? Do I directly have to go with ABS or it wouldn't work either? Or is it better to edit my design? Thanks in advance and sorry for my poor English!
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