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  1. Hello, I built a Ultimaker 2 Clone Printer (Thingiverse Aluminum Frame Version). Every part is copy of real Ultimaker. Mainboard, screen, print head vs.. As you can see, when i printing 0.2 micron, 0.1 micron or even 0.06 micron, layers are not regular as original ultimaker. I'm trying to understand what is causing this problem. X.Y axis or Z axis? And the builtplate vibrates hardly when its moving high speed like; end of the print or Starting Print. Is it causing the problem ? I'm waiting your help. Spiderman 0.06 micron (Ultimaker Silver) Print Temp: 210 Yellow 0.15 micron (Colorfabb Flurescent Green) Print Temp: 210 Thank you
  2. I used "chinese" controller board, so that could be the issue. I think i need to change "rotary encoder" part. Thank you for the replies
  3. Hello, I built a 3d printer with Ultimaker 2 Hardware. But i have a problem. As you can see in the video, Controller Knob is changing rotation when using it. I think rotation changes at a certain point. Cant control the printer correctly. It's very hard to control in this situation. What i need to do to fix this problem? Thank you.
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