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  1. I have ordered some parts and will keep this thread updated as soon as there is any progress worth mentioning .
  2. I believe I am the one who missed something . I haven't flashed the controller with the dual extrusion firmware yet and I haven't bought a second pt100 and extruder so far so I haven't really been able to test any settings in Cura or s3d yet or been able to see how the printer responds. I could do a simulation of the pt100 but then again if a second pt100 will work it might come in handy when diagnosing a problem...or it could cause one for that matter. I think the G code script will be fine for my use but I will read up on the link you posted for setting up a windows build environment. Thanks
  3. That was pretty much all I needed to know . Thank you so much @tinkergnome ! Any idea if a safety is triggered when using two pt100s in the heater block and only one heater cartridge? Because I'm thinking about slight temperature adjustments that might be needed for different colors of the same filament material. Hi Marin, that is indeed what I am planning to do. Maybe not exactly the same but close to what prometheus does. I think it will be more than enough for my needs. Time to order some parts...
  4. That is indeed what it looks like. If you only glance at Ultiarjan's picture post from feb 12 you know you are looking at something reliable. Even at this early stage of development it seems to be more than enough to satisfy most people looking into dual extrusion. Just think about what it will be able to do in the future. Crema's approach also seems to work very well. But I wouldn't feel completely comfortable having water run through the hotend without taking extra precautions to keep the other electronics safe in case of a leak (which I have experienced on a watercooled PC in the past). I
  5. Thank you for your warm welcome! Yes, that is exactly what I have in mind. Similar to "y-mixer" setup from Prusa (and many others out there). I noticed the foehnsturm project, I wish I could be a beta tester. It looks very promising already. Since you have been experimenting with dual extrusion yourself, would you be able to address the question about the thermistor? Will the firmware trigger a safety when for instance the second thermistor detects a rising temperature when the second heater cartridge is switched off? I want to make sure what I have in mind will work before I start buying
  6. Hi everyone, I have extensively searched the forums and googled but have been unable to find an answer to my question. If anyone can shed a light on this, please do: What would it take to setup dual extrusion to single hotend on a UM2? So more or less; what would it take to make an e3d cyclops work on a UM2? I have been thinking about a number of solutions but I am not sure which one would work or if these solutions are at all possible. 1. Tinker firmware: I know there is a dual extrusion version of Tinker firmware but does it allow to use just one heater and temp sensor? Would this me
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