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  1. I have Infill Extruder set to Extruder 2. I have not made changes to outer wall extruder and inner wall extruder.
  2. Yes, Cura (3.6.0) sets the bottom layer to 9999, but this is NOT what I requested. I want the perimeter printed using extruder 1 (a more expensive material), and the infill printed at 100% using extruder 2 (a less expensive material). So, I manually set the bottom layer to 10. The result is a triangular mesh pattern at less than 100% infill. This sure looks like a bug to me.
  3. Now that I have an Ultimaker 3 Extended, I no longer need my old printer. Prior to selling it, I would like to configure it to work with Cura. The bed is 200 x 200 mm, and print head 1 can reach any point on the bed. Print head 2 is 31.0 mm to the right of print head 1. Thus, print head 2 can not reach the leftmost 31 mm of the bed, so it has a smaller print area than print head 1. (Attempting to extrude with head 2 when the head is all the way to the right would extrude to the right of the print bed.) Thus, when printing with Extruder 1 only, the print area is 200 x 200. When prin
  4. I am not a mechanical engineer, but here is the approach I would use: I would start with a gravity operated filament sensor in which the filament passes around a roller, causing a weight to be lifted. If filament is not present, the weight would drop. This mechanism would be mounted on a pivot. See diagram: I would use an optical switch. The weight would either block or allow light to pass, detecting whether the weight is raised or lowered, thereby detecting whether the filament is present or absent. The optical switch would be much more reliable
  5. I am following up here, because I am having the problem in Cura 2.4, and the above thread is specific to Cura 2.3. I get two messages: Auto scaled object to 16% of original size and Nothing to slice because none of the models fit the build volume. Please scale or rotate models to fit. If Cura is going to scale my model to fit, when Cura is done, the result should fit. When I manually scaled the object to 14%, Cura successfully sliced the model.
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