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  1. Recommend to get a 3d printer that is used, if your not going for one of the most cheap 3d printers that is to say. I would look closer to the specs that you have as minimum requirement and check prices. I've had read a lot about 3d-printers on alla3dskrivare, site is in Swedish so I would recommend you check around https://www.3dprintmanual.com/best-cheap-3d-printers/ for more information about good 3d printers.
  2. I think there may be some confusion - WD40 is a penetrating oil/cleaner and water dispersal *(hence WD) agent and is used on electrical (cars) to push water away where it is shorting the engine (traditionally sprayed on spark plug leads) and works brilliantly. Also good to a degree as a penetrating oil. 3in1 is a lubricating oil (yes there are other products in the range now that are spray cans etc - so to be clear I am talking about the DRIPPING OIL) and is fine for use on all your axes except the Z axix which should be grease. So if you are spraying it - then NO - if you are dripping it then YES...
  3. Solidworks has a library of just about every thread there is but you have to pay for it; maybe if you have the top level of software it might come free? http://www.3dprintmanual.com/best-3d-modeling-software/ Not sure how you create yours but e.g. for a threaded bolt we create a helix of appropriate dimensions, which is a pathway and then extrude a triangle along that pathway...
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