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  1. Hi Everyone. I'm selling my beloved Ultimaker Original at just €350 + Shipping. It's been use very little as I only use it for personal work and small prints. That's the reason for why I'm selling it. To get a smaller one like the Ultimaker 2GO. It's working great and I didn't have to do any of the upgrades since I bought it or change any parts. Because as I said before it had very little use and was kept in mint condition during the years. It suits someone with not experience in 3D printer to the most advanced. This is the first printer that the Cura software was written for, so the soft
  2. Hi all. First post ever in a community blog. I've had the ultimaker original for almost 3 years now. I love it and it prints amazing. I've been having some small issues on the prints. I notice that it happens sometimes, I assume depending on the shape of the model and position on the bed (?) Here are some pictures of the error. Can you see on those gaps on the side of the internal faces? Could it be the tension of the belts? They look to me tight and firm all of them. Any ideas? Cheers. L./
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