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  1. I paint my ABS parts to protect them from UV damage, however it would be nice to try printing with something more forgiving. Is CPE+ more/less challenging to print with? From the what I've read on ASA, it seems more difficult than ABS. Printing the prime tower eliminated 90% of my ABS issue btw, thanks.
  2. Thanks for the feedback. I'm not printing with a prime tower and I'll try that. I may try PETG in the future. I use ABS for its long-term durability outdoors (chemical, heat & impact resistance are pluses). I don't see native support for PETG in Cura or Ultimaker, which leads me the think I'll have to sift through several forums and blog posts to troubleshoot problems.
  3. I just upgraded to a UM3 and could use some advice on getting better ABS prints. As you can see in the photo there are a lot of short strands protruding from the walls. It seems to be a result of where the nozzle is retracting or switching to/from each filament's nozzle. I've tried adjusting the printing temps between 220-240 but that doesn't seem to be fixing it. My other settings are pretty much Cura's default for 0.4mm ABS. Any idea what's causing this or suggestions on how I could fix it? Thanks.
  4. Thanks for the help. The squeak isn't deafening, but it is loud and sharp enough to notice in another room. I am using the original spool holder. I've had the unit for a year and it started doing this about a month (or so) ago. It only happens when the build plate is up (e.g. after a print is done) and I lower it. The sounds only seems to occur during the initial part of the descent. Here is clip I took with my mobile; the video doesn't really capture the loudness all that well.
  5. When I lower the build plate on my UM2+ after a print is done, there a semi-loud high pitched squeak as the plate starts to descend. I've used Magnalube on the lead screw and added a couple drops of sewing oil to the rods on either side of the lead screw, but the squeak persists. Does anyone have ideas of what may be causing this or what I could try doing to fix it? Thanks
  6. Thanks that was exactly my question/issue: combing. The prints look great on the bottom now with combing disabled. I have one further question for anyone that may be able to answer. What is causing this to occur on some of my prints? (see circle on image) I'm guessing it may be a piece of ABS from nozzle build-up that comes loose during printing but I don't know.
  7. Hi all. I'm new in the world of 3D printing and I could really use some advice/help with my UM2+ . I'm having problems with a 0.6mm nozzle on the first layer of ABS (Ultimaker brand). I've tried adjusting numerous things: re-leveling the glass surface adjusting the print temperature, everything from 215 to 240 adjusting layer heights starting at 0.15mm and up to 0.25mm I read somewhere to adjust the Retraction Minimum Travel (I've lowered it to 0.5mm to no avail) I've played around with retraction distance and speeds too print speed currently at 40mm/s and travel 120mm/s, i've tried going down to 35mm/s print speed I'm using Wolfbite's ABS formula (I've also used the glue stick) but adhesion doesn't seem to be an issue. Am I missing something really obvious here? Again, I'm new at this so I'm hoping there is something simple that I just haven't set correctly. Any help would be greatly appreciated, thanks! Also, is the nozzle supposed to look this dirty?? I've done about 8 prints with this nozzle, however they were 7-10 hour prints.
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