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  1. You can lookup the locations using the mega2560 pinout and the Ultimaker2 board schematics. Pins 30 and 38 are on EXT/IO which is terminal J23. Top (1,2) are ground, middle (3,4) are 5V and bottom (5,6) are P30 (PC7) and P38 (PD7).
  2. Thanks amedee, this is really helpful! I will use more than 3 pins so that is why I want to use the analog pins as well.
  3. Hi, I'm interested in controlling some of the analog (ADC) pins as digital pins on the Ultimaker 2 board. I've seen that this can be done in Arduino using digitalWrite (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Tutorial/AnalogInputPins) and it also seems like it is possible to control them using the M42 command in marlin (http://marlinfw.org/docs/gcode/M042.html). Has anyone tried this or know if this is correct? I've found the pin map for the ATmega 2560 (https://www.arduino.cc/en/Hacking/PinMapping2560) and can determine the pin locations using the Ultimaker 2 schematics. However, I'm not sure how to inte
  4. I saw this thread and thought it was interesting. I've also been wanting to test a pressure actuated printing system. I've tested it out now and it works pretty well! One suggestions though is if you're using the standard firmware (Ulitmaker2Marlin 15.04.6) then there are some issues if you use the LED On/Off commands (M42, M43) for triggering the solenoid. I think this is due to conflicts with the LED "always on, always off, on while printing" settings in the firmware. I ended up switching to the fan PWM pin instead (using M106, M107) and it worked flawlessly. If you want to keep this pin for
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