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  1. Hi guys, Thanks for all your comments and tips. I really learn a lot in this forum. What I discovered as a solution for the PVA is, that since I reduced the printing speed of nozzle-2 drastically (to 35 in stead of 70), and left all the other parameters on Cura's default, that gave a fantastic improvement in the results. Although the total printing hours of my prototype increased by 9 hours!! But it seems worth it. Btw: I only use Ultimaker filament, and my PVA was brand new. In Nozzle-1 I used nylon for the first time. Results are quite good.
  2. I can only tell that I have exactly he same problem. PVA should have a density of 50% (default ws set by Cura), but is only a fraction of it. I took a picture during the printing. Hopefully someone with more experience with UM3 can give a hint?
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