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  1. Thank you for your assurance! Coolblue delivered excelent service. The printer was returned on Saturday afternoon to one of their stores and they immediatly organised a new shipment the following day (Sunday).
  2. In the meantime i've returned the printer and got a replacement. This time during initial startup, i choose not to have the firmware updated. Now all is well! I'm reluctant to eventually do the update. What is the best way?
  3. Waited at least an hour. Do you think it needs more time?
  4. I have exactly the same experience. Did you solve it, and how?
  5. Hi, I'm just starting with a new UM3 and going through the startup steps. At some point it detects new firmware and it gets installed. However after installing the UM3 seems bricked. After switching off and on, the display comes up with "Ultimaker" and the backlight on the wheel shows, but that is it. The wheel is not working. The printer is not showing on the network. How to get the UM3 back to life? Please help me forward. Kind regard, Paul
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